Listed by Battery Part No.

194355-4 194356-2 bl7010
194204-5 194205-3 194309-1
bl1815 bl1830 bl1835
lxt400 194558-0 194559-8
bl1415 194065-3 194066-1
bl1430 1234 1422
1433 1434 1435
1435f 192600-1 192699-A
193157-5 193158-3 194172-2
pa14 193127-4 193128-2
193130-5 193131-3 193736-9
193737-7 193739-3 193740-8
2417 2420 2430
b2417 b2420 b2430
bh2420 bh2430 bh2433
193176-1 193301-4 193531-7
193536-7 b9017 b9017a
Bh 9020b Bh 9033b bh9020
bh9020a bh9033 bh9033a
194550-6 194551-4 195332-9
bl1013 bl1014 193351-9
193352-7 193354-3 193355-1
Bh-1433 bh1420 bh1433
Mk-1475mh mk1475 193345-4
193346-2 193348-8 193349-6
193928-0 193930-3 bh1220
bh1220b bh1220c bh1233
bh1233b bh1233c 192595-8
192596-6 192638-6 193977-7
638344-4-2 9120 9122
192697-A 193058-7 193099-3
193156-7 9133 9134
9135 9135a 1822
1823 1833 1834
1835 1835f 192827-3
192828-1 192829-9 193061-8
193102-0 193140-2 193159-1
193783-0 1200 1201
1201a 1202 1202a
192271-4 192293-4 192296-8
192407-5 192536-4 192537-2
632268-6 193889-4 9033
9034 192019-4 192321-5
192404-1 192534-8 192534-A
192535-6 9100 9100a
9101 9101a 9102
9102a 191681-2 192533-0
632007-4 9000 9001
9002 9600 191679-9
192532-2 192695-4 632002-4
632003-2 7000 7002
7010 7033 1233
1235 1235b 192696-2
192698-8 192698-A 193138-9
1202a 192598-2 1220 1222
192681-5 193981-6 638347-8
638347-8-2 pa12
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Listed by Product Model No.

cl070d cl070ds cl070dz
cl072d cl072ds cl072dz
df010d df010ds df010dse
df010dz gn900s gn900se
gn900sep4 gn900sep9 ml704 (Flashlight)
td020 td020d td020ds
td020dse td020dsew td020dsw
td020dw td021d td021ds
td021dsex td021dsw td021dz
td021dzw bcf201 bcf201z
bcl180 bcl180f bcl180w
bcl180z bcl180zw bcl182
bcl182z bcs550 bcs550f
bcs550rfe bcs550z bda350
bda350f bda350rfe bda350z
bda351 bda351rfe bda351z
bdf450 bdf451 bdf451rfe
bdf451z bdf452 bdf452rfe
bdf452rhe bdf452she bdf452z
bdf453rhe bdf453she bdf453z
bdf454f bdf454rfe bdf454z
bdf456rfe bdf456z bdf458
bfr550f bfr550l bfr550rfe
bfr550z bfr750 bfr750f
bfr750l bfr750rfe bfr750z
bfs450 bfs450f bfs450rfe
bfs450z bfs451rfe bfs451z
bga402rfe bga402z bga452
bga452f bga452rfe bga452z
bgd800 bgd800rfe bgd800z
bgd801 bgd801rfe bgd801z
bhp450 bhp451 bhp451rfe
bhp451sfe bhp451z bhp452
bhp452hw bhp452rfe bhp452she
bhp452z bhp453 bhp453rfe
bhp453rhe bhp453rhex bhp453she
bhp453z bhp454 bhp454f
bhp454rfe bhp454z bhp456rfe
bhp456rfe3 bhp456rfwx bhp456z
bhp458 bhr202 bhr202f
bhr202rfe bhr202rfe3 bhr202rfwx
bhr202z bhr240 bhr240z
bhr241 bhr241f bhr241rfe
bhr241z bhr242rfe bhr242rfev
bhr242z bhr243rfe bhr243rfev
bhr243z bhs630rfe bhs630z
bjn161 bjr181 bjr181f
bjr181rf bjr181rfe bjr181x
bjr181x1 bjr181z bjr182
bjr182f bjr182x bjr182z
bjs101rfe bjs130 bjs130f
bjs130rfe bjs130z bjs161
bjs161f bjs161rfe bjs161z
bjv180 bjv180f bjv180rf
bjv180rfe bjv180z bls713rfe
bml184 bml185(Flashlight) bml185w
bml186 bml800 bml801
bmr050 bo180d bo180drf
bo180dz bpb180 bpb180f
bpb180z bpj140 bpj180
bpt351 bpt351rfe bpt351z
bss501 bss501f bss501rfe
bss501z bss610 bss610f
bss610rf bss610rfe bss610sfe
bss610x2 bss610z bss611f
bss611x bss611z bst221f
bst221rfe bst221x bst221z
btd140 btd140rfe btd140sfe
btd140z btd141 btd141z
btd142hw btd142rhe btd142she
btd142z btd144 btd144rfe
btd144z btd145rfe btd145z
btd146d btd146rfe btd146she
btd146z btd147 btdw251z
btl061 btl061f btl061rfe
btl061z btl063 btl063f
btl063z btm50 btm50rfe
btm50z btm50zx5 btp140
btp140f btp140rfe btp140z
btp141 btp141rfx2 btp141z
btw251 btw251f btw251fx1
btw251rfe btw251x btw251z
btw251zx1 btw253 btw253f
btw253rfe btw253z btw450
btw450f btw450fx1 btw450rfe
btw450x btw450z btw450zx
btw450zx1 btw451 bub182
bub182f bub182z buc122rfe
bvc350z bvf154rf bvr350
bvr350f bvr350z bvr450
bvr450f bvr450rfe bvr450z
bvr850 bvr850f bvr850z
cf201dz cf201dzw cl180fd
cl180fdrfw cl180fdzw cl182fd
cl182fdrfw d145drfx da350drf
df454d df454drfx df454dz
df458drfx df458dz ga402drf
ga402dz gd800drf gd800dz
hp451rfe hp454d hp454drfx
hp454dz hp458drfx hp458dz
hr202d hr202drfx hr202dzk
hr242drfx hr242drfxv hs630drfx
hs630drfxw hs630dz hs630dzw
jr120d jr120drf jr120dzk
jr182drf jr182dzk jv180drf
kp180drf kp180dz lxcv02z
lxcv02z1 lxdg01 lxdg01z
lxdg01z1 lxdt01 lxdt01z
lxdt01z1 lxdt04z lxdt04z1
lxdt06z lxfd01 lxfd01cw
lxfd01z lxlc01 lxlc01z
lxlc01z1 lxlm01w lxph01
lxph01c1 lxph01z lxph03z
lxph05 lxph05z lxpk01
lxpk01z lxpk01z1 lxsf01
lxsf01z1 lxsl01 lxsl01z
lxsl01z1 lxtp01 lxtp01z
lxtp01z1 lxwt01 lxwt01z
ml184(Flashlight) ml185 ml800
ml801 mr050 mr100
mr100w muh263drf muh263dz
muh401drf muh401dz muh461drf
muh461dz mum168drf mum168dz
mur181drf mur181dz mus104dsh
mus104dz mus154dsh mus154dz
pb108d pb108drfx pb108dz
pb180drfx pj180drf pt351d
pt351drf pt351dzk sc162drf
td140d td144d td144drfx
td144dz td145drfxb td145drfxl
td145drfxp td145drfxw td146drfp
td146drfx td146drfxb td146drfxl
td146drfxw td146dz td147drfx
td147dz td251drfx td251dz
tl061drf tm50drf tp140drfx
tp141drfx tp141dz tw251d
tw251drfx tw450drfx ub182d
ub182drf ub182dz ub183d
uc122d uc122drf vc350d
vc350drf vc350dz vr350d
vr350drfx vr350dz vr450d
vr450drfx vr450dz bdf343
bdf343h bdf343rhe bdf343rhex
bdf343she bdf445h bdf445rhe
bhp343rhe btd136 btp131
bus142 df445d df445drh
df445dshg df445dshx td135d
td135drh td135dshg td135dshx
bbo140 bcf050 bcl140
bcl140z bcl142 bcl142zw
bda340 bda340rfe bda340z
bda341 bda341rfe bda341z
bdf343z bdf440 bdf440sfe
bdf440z bdf441 bdf441rfe
bdf441sfe bdf441z bdf442
bdf442rfe bdf442z bdf444rfe
bdf444z bdf446rfe bdf446z
bdf448 bfl201rz bfl301rz
bfl402rz bfr440 bfr440rfe
bfr440sfe bfr540 bfr540l
bfr540rfe bfr540z bfs440
bfs440rfe bfs441rfe bfs441z
bft041rz bft082rz bft124rz
bga450rfe bga450z bhp343z
bhp440 bhp440sfe bhp440z
bhp441 bhp441rfe bhp441sfe
bhp441z bhp442 bhp442rfe
bhp444rfe bhp444z bhp446rfe
bhp446z bhp448 bhr162
bhr162rfe bhr162sfe bhr162z
bjn160 bjr141z bjv140
bjv140rf bjv140rfe bjv140z
bml145 bml802 bmr100
bpt350rfe bpt350z bss500rfe
bss500z bst110rfe bst220rfe
btd130f btd130frfe btd130fsfe
btd130fsfer btd130fsfew btd130fw
btd130fz btd130sfe btd132rfe
btd133rfe btd133z btd134d
btd134rfe btd134z btd135
btd135z btl060rfe btl060z
btp130 btp130rfe btp130sfe
btp130z btp131z bts130
bts130rfe bts130sfe bts130z
btw152 btw152z btw250
btw250rfe btw250z buc121
buc121rfe bvc340 bvc340z
bvr340 bvr440 da340drf
df440drfx df440drfxw fs440d
ga400d hp440drfx hr162drfxw
kp140drf kp140dz lxdt03
lxdt03z lxlm03 lxph02
lxrm01 ml145 muh301drf
muh301dz muh351d muh351drf
muh351dz mus103d mus153d
st120d st420d td130d
td130drfx td130drfxr td130drfxw
td130dz td131d td131drfx
td131drfxr td131drfxw td131dz
td132d td132drfx td132drfxb
td132drfxw td132dz td133drfx
td133drfxb td133drfxl td133drfxp
td133drfxw td134drfx td134drfxb
td134drfxl td134drfxp td134drfxw
tl060drf tp130drfx tp131db
tp131drfx tp131drfxb tp131dz
ts130drfx tw152d tw152drfx
tw152dz ub142d ub143d
uc121d uc121drf vr340d
vr440d 1051d 1051dwa
1051dwd 1051dwf 4033d
4033dz 4191dwd 4332d
4333d 4333dwae 4333dwd
4333dwde 4333dz 6228d
6228dwae 6228dwbe 6233d
6233dwae 6233dwbe 6236dwde
6237d 6237dwde 6281d
6281dwpe 6333d 6333da
6333dwae 6333dwbe 6336d
6336dwb 6336dwbe 6336dwde
6337d 6337dwae 6337dwde
6337dwfe 6339dwde 6381d
6932fd 6932fdwde 6933fd
6933fdwde 6933fdwe 6934fd
6934fdwde 6934fdwfe 6935fdwde
6935fdwdex 6935fdwfe 6935fdz
8433d 8433dwae 8433dwde
8433dwfe 8434d jr140d
jr140dwa jr140dwae jr140dwb
jr140dwbe jr140dwd ml140(Flashlight)
ml143(Flashlight) ub140d ub140dwa
ub140dwb uc120dwde vr250dwde
bdf460 bdf460sf bdf460sh
bdf460she bdf460sje bdf460wa
bdf460wae bhp460 bhp460sf
bhp460sh bhp460she bhp460sje
bhp460wa bhp460wae bhr200
bhr200sae bhr200sfe bhr200sh
bhr200she bhr200sje bhr200sjep
bhr200wae bjr240 bjr240sf
bjr240sfe bjr240sh bjr240she
bjr240sje bjr240wa bjr240wae
bls712 bls712sfk bls820
bls820sf bls820sfk bml240
bsr730 bsr730sh bsr730sje
bsr730wa bsr730wae bss730
bss730shk btd200 btd200sh
btd200sje btd200wa btd200wae
btw200 btw200sae btw200sf
btw200sh btw200sje btw200wa
btw200wae btw201 dk2401hf
dk2402hf dk2403hf dk2404hf
dk2405hf tw200d tw200dra
bfl080f bfl080fz bfl120f
bfl120f1z bfl120fz bft020f
bft021f bft040f bft080f
bft120 bft122f btd040
btd042 btd060 btd061
btd061shg btd062 btw070
btw072 td061d td061drasp
td061drax td061drh td100d
td100drasp td100drjsp td100dz
cc300d cc300dw cc300dwe
cc300dz cl100d cl100dw
cl100dwx cl100dz cl100dzx
cl102d cl102dw cl102dz
cl102dzx df030d df030dfe
df030dwe df030dwx df330d
df330dfe df330dwe df330dwlx
dt01 dt01w dt01z
fd01 fd01w fd01z
fd02 fd02w fd02z
hp330d hp330dwe hp330dwx
hp330dz hs300d hs300dw
hs300dwe hu01 hu01z
jr100dwe jr101d jr101dw
jr101dwg jr101dz jv100d
jv100dw jv100dwe jv100dz
lc01 lc01z lc01zx
lm01w lm02 ml100
ml100w ml101 mr051
mu01 mu01z muh260d
muh260dw,muh260dz mum164d mum164dw
mus052d mus052dw mus052dz
rj01w sh01 sh01z
td090d td090dwe td090dwx
td090dwxw td09250dwe tw100dwe
uh200dwe uh200dwex um164dw
um164dwe um164dwexl um164dz
wt01 wt01w wt01z
bmr102 btd150 btd150rj
btd150sa btd150sae btd150sj
btd150sje btw150 btw150sa
btw150sae btw150sj btw151
btw151sa btw151sj btw151sje
td150d td150drasp td150drjsp
td150dz tw150d tw150drax
tw150drjx tw150dz bdf430f
bdf430fase bdf430fsje bfh040
bfh040f bfh090 bfh090f
bfh090sae bfh120f bfl081f
bfl121f bfl121fz bfl200f
bfl200fz bft081f bft081fz
bft123f bft123fz btd120
btd120sa btd120sae btw120
btw120sa btw120sae btw121
ml125 ml126 td122d
td122drasp td122drax td122drjsp
td122drjx td123d td123drax
td123drjx td123drjxr td123drjxy
td124d td124drjx tw120d
tw120drjx 6203d 6203dwae
6207d 6207dwde 6222d
6222de 6222dwe 6226d
6226dw 6226dwbe 6226dwe
6260d 6260dwe 6260dwpe
6261d 6261dwe 6261dwpe
6503d 6503dwa 6503dwae
6503dwd 6503dwde 6503dwf
6503dwfe 6908d 6908da
6908dwa 6908dwae 6908dwde
6909d 6909dw 6909dwa
6909dwae 6909dwde 6990d
6990dwa 6990dwae 6990dwd
6990dwde 6990dwf 6990dwfe
6991d 6991dwde 6992d
6992dwde da392d da392dw
da392dwa da392dwd da392dwf
da392dz ml903 4334d
4334dwd 4334dwde 5026da
5026db 5026dwa 5026dwb
5026dwd 5026dwfe 5036da
5036db 5036dwa 5036dwb
5036dwd 5036dwfe 5046da
5046db 5046dwa 5046dwb
5046dwd 5046dwde 5046dwfe
5620dwa 5620dwd 5621dwa
5621dwd 5621rdwa 6343d
6343dbe 6343dwb 6343dwde
6343dwfe 6347d 6347dwde
6347dwfe 6349dwde 6349dwfe
6390dwae 6391d 8390dwae
8443d 8443dwde 8443dwfe
8444dwde 8444dwfe jr180d
jr180dwb jr180dwbe jr180dwd
ls711d ls711dwa ls711dwbek
ls711dz ls800dwa ls800dwae
ls800dwb ls800dwbe ls800dwd
ls800dz ml180 sc190dwde
ub181d ub181dz 5091d
5091dwg 5091dwh 5091dz
6211d 6211dh 6211dw
6211dwh 6211dwhe 6212d
6212dw 6212dwg 6212dwh
6311d 6311dw 6311dwa
6311dwh 6311dwhe 6312d
6312dw 6312dwg 6312dwh
6831d 6831dh 6831dw
6831dwa 6831dwh 6911d
6911dw 6911dwh 6911hd
6911hdw 6911hdwa 6911hdwg
6913d 6913dh 6913dw
6913dwa 6913dwg 6913dwh
8411d 8411dw 8411dwa
8411dwh 8411dwhe 8412d
8412dh 8412dw 8412dwa
8412dwg 8412dwh hr160d
hr160dh hr160dwa hr160dwh
sc130dra sc130dwa 4093d
4190db 4190dwd 6012hdl
6095d 6095dq* 6095dwbe
6095dwde 6095dwl-2 6096d
6096dwbe da391d da391dwb
da391dwd ml902(Flashlight) um1690d
um1691d 6014dw 6200d
6200dw 6201d 6201dw
6201dwh 6202d 6202dw
6221d 6221dw 6221dwe
6400d 6400dw 6702d
6702dw 6703d 6703dw
6704d 6704dw 6705d
6705dw 6705dwa 6706d
6706dw 6706dwa 6791d
6791dw 6792d 6792dw
6793d 6794d 6796d
6796fd 6797d 6797fd
6798d 6798fd 6901d
6901dw 6903vd 6903vdw
6903vdwe 6907dwe 6940d
6940da 6940dw 6940dwa
6940dwe 6980d ml901(Flashlight)
t1022d t1022dw t221d
t221dw t422d t422dw
4093dw 4190d 4190dw
4300d 4300dw 4390d
4390dw 5090d 5090dw
6012hd 6012hdw 6092d
6092dw 6093d 6093dw
6094d 6094dw 6095dw
6095dwe 6096dw 6096dwe
6096dwle 6891d 6891dw
6900d 6900dw 8400d
8400dw 8400vd 8400vdw
8402dw 8402vd 8402vdw
903d 903dw da390d
da390dw da391dra da391dw
ml900(Flashlight) t220d t220dw
3700d 3700dw 4071d
4073d 4307d 4307dw
4770d 6002d 6002dw
6002dwk 6010d 6010dl
6010dw 6010dwe 6010dwk
6012d 6012dl 6012dw
6012dwk 6015dwe 6015dwk
6016dw 6017dwbe 6017dwe
6018d 6018dwbe 6018dwe
6019d 6019dw 6019dwbe
6019dwe 6019dwle 6022dw
6071dw 6071dwk 6072d
6072dl 6072dw 6072dwk
6073d 6073dw 6073dwk
6075d 6075dw 6172d
6172dw 6710d 6710dw
6912d 6912dw 9035d
9035dw 9200d 9500d
9500dw da3000d da3000dw
da301d da301dw da302d
da302dw da302dwb ml700(Flashlight)
ml701 ml702 mum105d
mum105dw uh1070dw uh3000d
uh3000dw uh3070dw um1000d
um1200dw um1270dw 1050d
1050dwd 4013d 4331d
4331dwd 4331dwde 5093d
5093dwd 6213d 6213dwbe
6216d 6216dwbe 6216dwde
6217d 6217dwde 6217dwdle
6223d 6227d 6227dwbe
6271d 6313d 6313dwbe
6314dwbe 6316d 6316dwb
6316dwbe 6317d 6317dwde
6317dwdre 6317dwfe 6319d
6319dwfe 6835d 6835dwb
6835dwd 6914d 6914dwb
6914dwbe 6914dwde 6916d
6916dwde 6916fdwde 6916fdwde1
6917d 6917dwde 6917fdwde
6918d 6918dwd 6918dwde
6918dwf 6918dwfe 6918fdwde
6918fdwfe 6919nd 6980fd
6980fdwde 6980fdwfe 8413d
8413dwde 8413dwfe 8414dwfe
da312d da312dwd da312dwf
ml120 ml121(Head Lamp) ml122
ml123(Fluorescent Automotive Light) ml124 sc131d
ub120d ub120dwb ub121d
uc120d uc120dwd uc170d
uc170dwd vr250d vr251d
vr251dwde 1050da 1050dra
1050dwa 4191d 4191dwa
4191dwae 4191dz 4331dwae
4331dz 5093dwa 5093dz
6213dwae 6223de 6223dw
6223dwe 6227dw 6227dwe
6227dwle 6270d 6270dwae
6270dwale 6270dwe 6270dwpe
6271dwae 6271dwe 6271dwpe
6271dwple 6313da 6313dwae
6316dwa 6316dwae 6317dwae
6327dwe 6835da 6835dwa
6835dwae 6918dwa 6918dwae
6980fdwae 8270dwae 8270dwale
8270dwe 8271dwae 8271dwe
8413dwae da312dwa da312dz
ub120dwa uc120da uc120dr
uc120dra uc120dw uc120dwae
ucl20dwa vr250da vr250dwae
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Battery Tips

  1. Do not throw the makita battery into the fire, as this could cause the explosion of the battery.
  2. Do not setting your battery pack in the high humidity, high temperature, strong vibrative and dusty place.
  3. Do not dispose of battery used with other solid waste because they contain toxic substances.
  4. Do not heat the battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electronic substance.
  5. Do not disassemble the makita battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance.
  6. Do not left the battery unused for a long time or place battery in device for a long period of time if device is not being used.
  7. Do not expose the makita battery to direct sunlight or shock the battery pack by dropping or throwing it.
  8. Do not store or use the battery in a locked and unventilated vehicle, where excessive internal temperatures may occur.
  9. Do not short-circuit the battery, either inadvertently or intentionally bringing the terminals into contact with another metal object such as necklaces or hairpins, this could cause a fire and damage the battery.
  10. If the liquid inside the battery leaks, use large quantities of water immediately to wash any liquid with a synthetic detergent.
  11. Keep the battery away from heat or fire, if you detect the issuance of an extraordinary odor or leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance, please dispose used makita batteries in accordance with the regulations that apply to the disposal of batteries.
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