Listed by Battery Part No.

0b20-00es000 23.20092.011 23.20101.011
23.20116.001 23.20116.021 23.2k560.011
23.2k640.001 2c .2k710.011 2c.20770.001
2c.20990.001 2c.20c30.001 2c.20c30.011
2c.20c30.021 2c.20e01.001 2c.20e04.011
2c.20e06.001 2c.20e06.011 2c.20e06.021
2c.2k660.001 2c.2k660.011 2c.2k710.011
2h.05e0d.011 2h.05e0d.021 3ur18650-2-t0045
3ur18650f-2-Qc-ch3a 3ur1865of-2-qc163 40011685
441686900012 441804400008 442686900002
442686900004 4ur18650f-1-ql105 7028030000
7437700000 8390-eh01-0580 906c5040f
906c5050f 916-3150 916-4400f
916-4670f 916c3150 916c3150f
916c3330 916c4260f 916c4390f
916c4400f 916c4500f 916c4670f
916c4910f 916c5350f 916c5360f
916c550f 916c5810f 916c6120f
916c6150f 916c7170f 916c742of
916t2015f 916t5820f 916t7910f
934t3120f 983t2001f 983t2002f
9h.e0cdd.l02 a32-h26 B&Q-ak2q-4-20
batal50l91 bataw20l61 bataw20l62
batblb3l61 batblb3l62 battu00l41
battu00l42 battu00l44 battu00l81
battv00l3 battv00l6 bbqjblt1312p
Benq-bp2q-4-24 Bp-80x0 Bp-80x0(P)
Bp-8224(P) Bp-8224(S) Bp-8244
Bp-8666 Bp-8666(P) Bp-8x66
Bp-8x66(P) Bt.00607.059 cp248304-01
Cs.23k45.001 dh1001 dh1301
dh500 dhr502 dhr503
dhr504 dhs5 dhs500
dhs600 Eup-k2-4-24 Eup-p2-4-24
Ffspk-01045 fmvnbp134 h6000
i304rj i305rh ob20-00es000
ob20-ooes000 Op-570-76901 P-Cgr 18650c
Pc-Vp-wp64 Squ-409 Squ-416
Squ-505 Squ-506 Squ-510
Squ-527 Squ-701 Squ-704
Squ-712 Squ-801 Squ-812
Squ-901 squ409 squ416
u1213 u1216 Wp-mt8066
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Listed by Product Model No.

3ur18650-3-t0861 a610c Compal aw20
Compal naw20 Joybook 2000 Joybook 2000 Series
Joybook 3000 Joybook 7000 Joybook 7000n
Joybook a32 Joybook a32-108 Joybook a32e
Joybook a32e-107 Joybook a33e Joybook a33e-111
Joybook a33e-139 Joybook a51 Joybook a51e
Joybook a51e-111 Joybook a51e-115 Joybook a52
Joybook a52-114 Joybook a52-115 Joybook a52-117
Joybook a52-119 Joybook a52e Joybook a52e-104
Joybook a52e-107 Joybook a52e-111 Joybook a52e-119
Joybook a52e-t01 Joybook a53 Joybook a53-a09
Joybook a53-bv09 Joybook a53-hc06 Joybook a53-ht04
Joybook a53-la20 Joybook a53-lc03 Joybook a53-lc06
Joybook a53-lc14 Joybook c41 Joybook c41e
Joybook c42 Joybook c42-101 Joybook c42-103
Joybook c42-104 Joybook c42-107 Joybook c42-109
Joybook c42-552b Joybook c42-c10 Joybook c42-k06
Joybook c42e Joybook c42e-102 Joybook c42e-108
Joybook c42e-306 Joybook c42e-404 Joybook c42e-406
Joybook dh3000 Joybook dhr500 Joybook Lite t131
Joybook Lite t131p Joybook Lite u101 Joybook Lite u101 Series
Joybook Lite u101-lc05 Joybook Lite u101-lc09 Joybook Lite u101-lc17
Joybook Lite u101-lc20 Joybook Lite u101-lc21 Joybook Lite u101-lc31
Joybook Lite u101-lc34 Joybook Lite u101-sc02 Joybook Lite u101-sc06
Joybook Lite u101-sc08 Joybook Lite u101-sc32 Joybook Lite u101c
Joybook Lite u101c-1c06 Joybook Lite u101c-2c07 Joybook Lite u101c-dc01
Joybook Lite u101c-dc03 Joybook Lite u101c-dc08 Joybook Lite u101c-dc13
Joybook Lite u101c-sc01 Joybook Lite u101c15-1c23 Joybook Lite u101w
Joybook Lite u101w-lc09 Joybook Lite u101w-lc17 Joybook Lite u101w-sc08
Joybook Lite u101w-sc32 Joybook Lite u101w-sk11 Joybook Lite u102
Joybook Lite u102-Atom Joybook Lite u102-de04 Joybook Lite u102-m03
Joybook Lite u102-m10 Joybook Lite u102-m12 Joybook Lite u103 Series
Joybook Lite u103b-ft03 Joybook Lite u103p-Bl Joybook Lite u103w-ft01
Joybook Lite u103w-ft02 Joybook Lite u105 Joybook Lite u105-B.e01
Joybook Lite u105-D Joybook Lite u105-dc02 Joybook Lite u105-e01
Joybook Lite u105-e03 Joybook Lite u105-e06 Joybook Lite u105-F
Joybook Lite u105-F.e03 Joybook Lite u105-fe03 Joybook Lite u105-fe06
Joybook Lite u105-ft01 Joybook Lite u105-m07 Joybook Lite u105-sl01
Joybook Lite u105i Joybook Lite u107 Joybook Lite u107-wc01
Joybook Lite u121 Joybook Lite u121 e05 Joybook Lite u121 e14
Joybook Lite u121 Eco Joybook Lite u121-ec01 Joybook Lite u121-lc01
Joybook Lite u121-lc03 Joybook Lite u121-lc09 Joybook Lite u121-lc10
Joybook Lite u121-S.e04 Joybook Lite u121-S.e07 Joybook Lite u121-S.m06
Joybook Lite u121-sc01 Joybook Lite u121-sc02 Joybook Lite u121-sc10
Joybook Lite u121-se04 Joybook Lite u121b-S.m05 Joybook Lite u121b-S.m06
Joybook Lite u121w-lc01 Joybook Lite u121w-lc03 Joybook Lite u121w-lc09
Joybook Lite u121w-m14 Joybook Lite u121w-S.m05 Joybook Lite u121w-S.m06
Joybook Lite u121w-S.m14 Joybook Lite u121w-sc02 Joybook Lite u121w-sc10
Joybook Lite u121w-st04 Joybook Lite u121w-st21 Joybook Lite u122
Joybook Lite u122 Eco Joybook Lite u122r Joybook p41
Joybook p41e Joybook p52 Joybook p52-r29
Joybook p52eg Joybook p53 Joybook p53-lc01
Joybook p53-lc12 Joybook q41 Joybook q41-m03
Joybook q41-pc01 Joybook q41-pc02 Joybook q41-pt03
Joybook r23 Joybook r31 Joybook r31e
Joybook r41 Joybook r43 Joybook r43-hc09
Joybook r43-hc10 Joybook r43-lc01 Joybook r43-lc02
Joybook r43-lc05 Joybook r43-lc06 Joybook r43-lc10
Joybook r43-lc15 Joybook r43-pv03 Joybook r43ce
Joybook r43e Joybook r53 Joybook r56
Joybook r56-bv04 Joybook r56-hc15 Joybook r56-hc43
Joybook r56-lc27 Joybook r56-lc37 Joybook r56-lc46
Joybook r56-u21 Joybook s31 Joybook s31-127
Joybook s31-128 Joybook s31-c02 Joybook s31-c20
Joybook s31-c27 Joybook s31-c28 Joybook s31-r03
Joybook s31-t18 Joybook s31e Joybook s31e-105
Joybook s31e-109 Joybook s31ew Joybook s31v
Joybook s31v-119 Joybook s31v-127 Joybook s31v-552b
Joybook s31v-c15 Joybook s31ve-103 Joybook s31ve-110
Joybook s31ve-113 Joybook s31vew-104 Joybook s31vw-120
Joybook s31vw-c06 Joybook s31vw-c16 Joybook s31w
Joybook s32 Joybook s32-109 Joybook s32-bv13
Joybook s32-hc06 Joybook s32-lc01 Joybook s32-t02t
Joybook s32b Joybook s32b (dht300) Joybook s32eb
Joybook s32ew Joybook s32w Joybook s33
Joybook s33-hc07 Joybook s33-lc21 Joybook s33-le03
Joybook s33-pc05 Joybook s33w Joybook s35
Joybook s35-fa13 Joybook s35-fe13 Joybook s35-lm06
Joybook s35-lm18 Joybook s35-lt28 Joybook s35-m16
Joybook s36 Joybook s41 Joybook s42
Joybook s43 Joybook s46 Joybook s46-gc02
Joybook s46-xc01 Joybook s52 Joybook s52-101
Joybook s52-145 Joybook s52e Joybook s52e-104
Joybook s52e-105 Joybook s52e-108 Joybook s52e-304
Joybook s52w Joybook s53 Joybook s53-104
Joybook s53-113 Joybook s53-122 Joybook s53-c34
Joybook s53-c36 Joybook s53e Joybook s53w
Joybook s56 Joybook s57 Joybook s61 Series
Joybook s61-101 Joybook s61-138 Joybook s61-552b
Joybook s61-c22 Joybook s61-c35 Joybook s61-c36
Joybook s61-c37 Joybook s61-t02 Joybook s61e
Joybook s72 Series Joybook s73 Joybook s73-131
Joybook s73-c01 Joybook s73-c53 Joybook s73e
Joybook s73eg Joybook s73g Joybook s73u
Joybook t31 Joybook t31 Series Joybook t31-115
Joybook t31-120 Joybook t31-124 Joybook t31-130
Joybook t31-131 Joybook t31-133 Joybook t31-134
Joybook t31-135 Joybook t31-136 Joybook t31-137
Joybook t31-138 Joybook t31-139 Joybook t31-140
Joybook t31-c15 Joybook t31-c20 Joybook t31e
Joybook u121-e05 Joybook u121-e14 Joybook u121-Eco
Joybook u121-lc01 Joybook u121-sc01 Joybook u1216
Joybook u121lc01 Joybook u121sc01 t180
u121 Series v4200d v5200
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Battery Tips

  1. Do not throw the benq battery into the fire, as this could cause the explosion of the battery.
  2. Do not setting your battery pack in the high humidity, high temperature, strong vibrative and dusty place.
  3. Do not dispose of battery used with other solid waste because they contain toxic substances.
  4. Do not heat the battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electronic substance.
  5. Do not disassemble the benq battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance.
  6. Do not left the battery unused for a long time or place battery in device for a long period of time if device is not being used.
  7. Do not expose the benq battery to direct sunlight or shock the battery pack by dropping or throwing it.
  8. Do not store or use the battery in a locked and unventilated vehicle, where excessive internal temperatures may occur.
  9. Do not short-circuit the battery, either inadvertently or intentionally bringing the terminals into contact with another metal object such as necklaces or hairpins, this could cause a fire and damage the battery.
  10. If the liquid inside the battery leaks, use large quantities of water immediately to wash any liquid with a synthetic detergent.
  11. Keep the battery away from heat or fire, if you detect the issuance of an extraordinary odor or leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance, please dispose used benq batteries in accordance with the regulations that apply to the disposal of batteries.
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