Listed by Battery Part No.

Bty-m66 Bty-m67 Bty-m68
Bty-s11 Bty-s12 Bty-s31
bms06 0299-mp1006j443 40019683
40021792 7299-mp1006j441 Bty-s25
Bty-s27 Bty-s28 Gbm-bms050aba00
Gbm-bms050awa00 ms1006 ms1012
ms1013 Nb-bt002 Nb-bt003
Nb-bt006 Nb-bt007 Nb-bt008
s91-0200050-w38 s91-0300033-sb3 s91-030003c-sb3
s91-0300063-g43 sa20083-01 sa20084-01
Bty-s32 14l-ms6837d1 3715a-ms6837d1
40025611 6317a-rtl8187se 957-n0111p-005
Bty-s13 na203110-00 na203110-01
tx2-rtl8187se Bty-l74 Bty-l75
Ms-1682 91nms17ld4su1 91nms17lf6su1
957-173xxp-101 957-173xxp-102 Squ-503
Squ-619 Squ-718 Squ-814
Bty-s14 Bty-s15 Ms-10xx
Ms-1039 Ms-1034 Ms-1032
Ms-1029 Ms-1011 Ms-1010
925c2020 Ms-1002 ms1002
925-2150 925c2050 ms1003
s91-0200010-sb3 bms14 Bty-m42
Gms-bms0602aba00 Gms-bms0602aba10-G s91-0300161-w38
925t2008f Bty-s16 Bty-s17
sicr19/66 40029683 40029231
40029150 e2ms110k2002 e2ms110w2002
e2ms115k2002 Bty-s19 925ta026f
40033906 Bty-m6d s9n-3089200-sb3
Bty-m6c Bty-m6b 925t2002f
1016t-006 1049020050 925c2310f
925c2360f 957-1016t-006 Bty-l71
Bty-l72 Gbm-bms080aaa00 Gbm-bms080aba00
s91-0300140-w38 s9n0182200-g43 wt10536a4091
Ms-1681 Ms-1683 Ms-1689
Ms-168a Ms-168b Ms-1731
Ms-1733 Ms-1734 Ms-1736
Ms-1737 s9n-2062210-m47 a32-a15
a41-a15 a42-a15 a32-a24
Bty-m46 925t2015f Bty-m61
Bty-m65 a42-h36 Bty-s1b
bc427 Ek.18901.c01 Ek.18901.c04
Bty-m69 Bty-m6a nbpc623a
ms1762 Bty-gs70 Squ-1209
Bty-l77 Bty-m6f bathl90l9
bathl91l9 cbpil44 cbpil48
cbpil72 cbpil73 m660bat6
m660nbat6 m740bat6 Squ-424
Squ-523 Squ-524 Squ-529
Squ-605 squ601 Bty-m47
Bty-s1e Bty-l76 Bty-m6h
Bty-m6p Bty-s1c
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Listed by Laptop Model No.

925ta030f a5000 a5000 Series
a5000-025us a5000-026us a5000-040us
a5000-222us a5000-225 a5000-436us
a6000 a6000 ms1683 Series a6000 Series
a6000-029us a6000-030us a6000-225us
a6000-226us a6000-443us a6005 Series
a6005-201us 6100-cm1205 a6200 a6200 Series
a6200-007 a6200-021us a6200-038us
a6200-039us a6200-040us a6200-041us
a6200-059us a6200-060us a6200-206us
a6200-215c a6200-216c a6200-220us
a6200-248us a6200-262c a6200-461us
a6200-462us a6200-489us a6200-492us
a6200-689us a6203 a6203-097
a6203-097c a6203-097ca a6203-097us
a6203-098 a6203-098fr a6203-217
a6203-217fr a6205 a6205 Series
a6205-046ru a6205-047ru a6205-466
a6205-466fr a6205-ci5407 a6205-Is
a6300 a6300 Series a6300-036f
a6300-045c a6300-045ca a6300-055x
a6300-055xar a6300-089c a6300-089ca
a6300-234us a6300-cp3403 a6300-v1205
a6400 a6400 Series a6400-042us
a6400-ci507 S a6400-ci507s a6405
a6500-010us a7200 a7200 Series
a7200-018us a7200-027 a7200-027us
a7200-244fr a7200-291 a7200-cp4603a
a7200-cp6103 a7200-cp6103w7h a7200-p4603
a7200-p4607q a7200-p6403 aha62337000
Alb r24 Series Beep fl90 Series Belinea O.Book 4
Belinea O.Book 4.1 Bluemedia Ms-1006 Bluemedia Ms-1012
c61m32-Hdsb cr400 cr400x
cr41 cr41-i587 cr410
cr410-004xcn cr410-006xth cr410-013xvn
cr410-021xmy cr410-023mx cr410-024xth
cr410-027my cr410-034xt cr410-044xth
cr410-p340 cr410x-p36 cr420
cr420-1 cr420-3 cr420mx
cr420x cr500 cr500 Series
cr500-018nl cr500-035xpl cr500-092xcz
cr500-0w4xeu cr500-203xhu cr500-215uk
cr500-242nl cr500-252xeu cr500-255xcz
cr500-257xhu cr500-294ar cr500-297xeu
cr500-406xar cr500-431 cr500-438us
cr500-479us cr500-602xhu cr500-c9026fd
cr500-t6643bw7p cr500x cr500x-012hu
cr600 cr600 Series cr600-001us
cr600-002pl cr600-013us cr600-017us
cr600-031 cr600-031ar cr600-036nl
cr600-049us cr600-076us cr600-0w3xhu
cr600-207xtr cr600-234us cr600-413
cr600-471cz cr600-t4243vhp cr610
cr610 c61m32-Hdsb cr610 Ms-3801 cr610 Ms-6890
cr610 Ms-6891 cr610 Series cr610-001nl
cr610-003hu cr610-005 cr610-006
cr610-006ne cr610-007pl cr610-009pl
cr610-011it cr610-013 cr610-013uk
cr610-016uk cr610-026xcz cr610-027xsk
cr610-028x cr610-028xhu cr610-031lru
cr610-033 cr610-050be cr610-051
cr610-058pl cr610-059pl cr610-060xpl
cr610-061xpl cr610-062nl cr610-063be
cr610-070x cr610-070xeu cr610-075ar
cr610-081xhu cr610-091xbl cr610-092xar
cr610-097ru cr610-0w1xbl cr610-0w2xeu
cr610-236xhu cr610-3801 cr610-6890
cr610-6891 cr610-m1005q cr610-m1023w7p
cr610-m1025w7p cr610-m1226w7p cr610-m320
cr610-m3243w7p cr610x cr610x-002cz
cr610x-003 cr610x-003hu cr610x-004sy
cr610x-005 cr610x-005eu cr610x-008pl
cr610x-008skm cr610x-010pl cr610x-027sk
cr610x-028 cr610x-0w3xsk cr610x-0w4xsk
cr610x-201sy cr610x-236 cr610x-241xcs
cr610x-245xeu cr620 cr620 Series
cr620-002nl cr620-013xpl cr620-014xpl
cr620-018xua cr620-030us cr620-031us
cr620-033us cr620-043x cr620-043xeu
cr620-084nl cr620-0w5xeu cr620-0w7xeu
cr620-1009uk cr620-1042uk cr620-1058xeu
cr620-1065xeu cr620-223us cr620-250xar
cr620-419xeu cr620-428xeu cr620-429xhu
cr620-457fr cr620-614nl cr620-616xeu
cr620-618xeu cr620-620cs cr620-643uk
cr620-644xuk cr620-645 cr620-649xpl
cr620-657 cr620-657fr cr620-669uk
cr620-683xua cr620-690us cr620-691us
cr620-692us cr620-812uk cr620-827
cr620-828fr cr620-858xeu cr620-897uk
cr620-898uk cr620-p4625w cr620-p6043w7p
cr630 cr630-002xua cr630-004uk
cr630-009 cr630-009ru cr630-010
cr630-010x cr630-010xru cr630-015cz
cr630-018nl cr630-020ne cr630-022xit
cr630-024xcz cr630-025xhu cr630-034x
cr630-042pl cr630-043xpl cr630-044pl
cr630-047xby cr630-050uk cr630-056
cr630-064nl cr630-078xeu cr630-088xyu
cr630-228us cr630-235sy cr630-242xhu
cr630-Blu-Ray cr630-p3443w7p cr630-v1216fd
cr630-v1225fd cr630-v1225w7p cr640
cr640-32312g32sx cr640-72632g50sx cr640dx
cr640mx cr640x cr650
cr650 Series cr650-007ru cr650-016us
cr650-018pl cr650-019xpl cr650-020pl
cr650-022xpl cr650-024ar cr650-026
cr650-027 cr650-029nl cr650-032ne
cr650-034xeu cr650-035xhu cr650-042uk
cr650-049xtr cr650-050x cr650-054
cr650-056xcs cr650-074xcn cr650-202au
cr650-207nl cr650-208be cr650-214xkz
cr650-221cs cr650-227 cr650-227nl
cr650-229xby cr650-230xby cr650-236xcn
cr650-237xkz cr650-267kz cr650-273
cr650-273fr cr650-278xpl cr650-279pl
cr650-296 cr650-e3502g50sx cr650-e450
cr650-e45087bw7h cr700 cr700 Ms-1734
cr700 Series cr700-012us cr700-013nl
cr700-017ca cr700-024 cr700-034
cr700-038pl cr700-047us cr700-060x
cr700-063x cr700-068xeu cr700-070xsk
cr700-071xhu cr700-075 cr700-085fr
cr700-099nl cr700-1734 cr700-200be
cr700-202xeu cr700-204be cr700-205ne
cr700-206ru cr700-211 cr700-211fr
cr700-220xcz cr700-221xsk cr700-2226
cr700-223l cr700-223lru cr700-231
cr700-t3035fd cr700-t6600 cr700x-029eu
cr720 cr720-010xeu cr720-017au
cr720-020 cr720-021pl cr720-024
cr720-042eu cr720-056xeu cr720-057xhu
cr720-060sk cr720-068xeu cr720-094xeu
cr720-096xeu cr720-098nl cr720-0w2bl
cr720-201nl cr720-208nl cr720-218xuk
cr720-231xeu cr720-232x cr720-237xeu
cr720-238xhu cr720-255 cr720-261es
cr720-265us cr720-267xuk cr720-275
cr720-277be cr720-295fr cr720-400uk
cr720-401xby cr720-417pl cr720-420
cr720-i3347w7p cr720-p6143w7p Cx-600-t4343w7p
cx410 cx413 cx413-017
cx413-017ru cx413-020ru cx413-025
cx420 cx420mx cx420x
cx480 cx480-ib32312g50sx cx480mx
cx500 cx500-002pl cx500-003xpl
cx500-004ru cx500-006 cx500-007l
cx500-009ru cx500-010tr cx500-016ru
cx500-026l cx500-034 cx500-034ru
cx500-037lru cx500-0w2xeu cx500-291xvn
cx500-296be cx500-299 cx500-299xeu
cx500-400xcz cx500-402x cx500-402xhu
cx500-403xbl cx500-404x cx500-404xtr
cx500-406tr cx500-408it cx500-412ne
cx500-414 cx500-414it cx500-416xeu
cx500-419xhu cx500-427lua cx500-428lua
cx500-429lua cx500-430lua cx500-431ua
cx500-432ua cx500-441xcn cx500-444nl
cx500-457 cx500-457ru cx500-470nl
cx500-472 cx500-472ru cx500-476l
cx500-490l cx500-492 cx500-497
cx500-498 cx500-498ru cx500-499be
cx500-604xbl cx500-605xeu cx500-606cz
cx500-607sk cx500-623ua cx500-644
cx500-dx645xpl cx500-t4543w7p cx500-t6602g50sx
cx500-t6648w7p cx500dx-623xua cx500dx-638sk
cx500dx-639xeu cx500dx-642xua cx600
cx600 011es cx600 Series cx600-049us
cx600-063us cx600-064ca cx600-064uk
cx600-0w7xeu cx600-204ca cx600-272bl
cx600-279au cx600-288xeu cx600-t4543w7p
cx605 Series cx61 Series cx610-050be
cx620 cx620 3d cx620 3d-297
cx620 3d-400nl cx620 3d-425fr cx620-001nl
cx620-008xeu cx620-009cz cx620-011hu
cx620-011x cx620-013xeu cx620-017nl
cx620-019ne cx620-026 cx620-049
cx620-052pl cx620-059 cx620-059fr
cx620-061 cx620-067ua cx620-073xpl
cx620-077lua cx620-088it cx620-210lua
cx620-278pl cx620-282 cx620-282ru
cx620-292 cx620-297fr cx620-3d-425
cx620-457 cx620-475xeu cx620-614nl
cx620-i3343w7p cx620-i5447w7p cx620mx
cx620mx-251eu cx623 cx623-005nl
cx623-014xeu cx623-017x cx623-019xeu
cx623-021sk cx623-022xhu cx623-023nl
cx623-028bl cx623-048xua cx623-052cz
cx623-054xeu cx623-055xhu cx623-056ru
cx623-073cz cx623-076xhu cx623-079xpl
cx623-081nl cx623-087xeu cx623-088xhu
cx623-089xeu cx623-091cs cx623-092cs
cx623-096uk cx623-0w1xyu cx623-0w2xeu
cx623-168a cx623-203uk cx623-208xbl
cx623-219 cx623-221pl cx623-222pl
cx623-224l cx623-258uk cx623-264
cx623-283 cx623-292xeu cx623-401
cx623-409ru cx623-411be cx623-i5647w7p
cx623-p6033w7p cx630 cx640
cx640-013us cx640-018uk cx640-028au
cx640-035us cx640-043xcn cx640-046xpl
cx640-053ne cx640-071us cx640-72632g50sx
cx640-i547w7p cx640dx cx640mx
cx640x cx650 cx650 Series
cx70 Series cx700 cx700 Series
cx700-010eu cx700-012us cx700-020us
cx700-021uk cx700-023ca cx700-027us
cx700-053us cx700-053usk0910000533 cx700-063
cx700-063ru cx700-071xhu cx700-081xeu
cx700-087lua cx700-090be cx700-1731
cx700-200xeu cx700-t4243vhp cx700-t4347w7p
cx700-t6547vhp cx705 cx705-001fr
cx705-003nl cx705-006 cx705-011cz
cx705-018nl cx705-025xeu cx705-026cz
cx705-031xhu cx705-058sk cx705-059xeu
cx705-060xhu cx705-0w4nl cx705-t4525fd
cx705-t4525w7p cx705mx cx705mx-037it
cx705mx-038it cx705mx-049xua cx705mx-064x
cx720 cx720-013xeu cx720-014xhu
cx720-023ne cx720-026nl cx720-032sk
cx720-033xeu cx720-035xhu cx720-052ne
cx720-055cz cx720-057sk cx720-058xhu
cx720-059xhu cx720-060xeu cx720-062xeu
cx720-077nl cx720-079nl cx720-086ne
cx720-088 cx720-096ru cx720-201xpl
cx720-203au cx720-216cs cx720-217xeu
cx720-223xeu cx720-227it cx720-i3507em
cx720-i5647w7p cx720-p4623fd Cz-15
Cz-17 e6603 e6603 Series
e6603-454 e6603-499 e7235
er710 ex300 ex310
ex320 ex400 ex400x
ex410 ex460 ex460x
ex465 ex465x ex600
ex600-100 ex600x ex610
ex610x ex620 ex620x
ex623 ex623x ex625
ex625x ex628 ex628x
ex629 ex629x ex630
ex630x ex700 ex705
ex710 ex720 ex720x
Fire dt14 fr400 fr400 Series
fr600 fr600 3d fr600 3d-265th
fr600 Series fr600-060pl fr600-260xar
fr600-278x fr610 fr610 Series
fr620 fr700 fr700 Series
fr710 fx400 fx400 Series
fx400-062us fx400-063us fx400-075xar
fx400-59 fx420 fx420-001us
fx420-002us fx420-010xcn fx420-050us
fx420-32312g50sx fx600 fx600 Series
fx600mx fx603 fx603-004
fx603-005it fx603-018us fx603-019ca
fx603-019us fx603-020 fx603-021ru
fx603-031xby fx603-033 fx603-046cs
fx603-047xeu fx603-048xhu fx603-054lua
fx603-064us fx603-i380m fx603-i460m
fx610 fx610 Series fx610-009
fx610-014pl fx610-015pl fx610-016xpl
fx610-017xpl fx610-018cs fx610-034us
fx610-06 fx610-15 fx610-p340
fx610-p3443w7p fx610-p8447w7p fx610mx
fx610mx-020fr fx610mx-025xua fx620
fx620dx fx620dx-041tr fx620dx-047ru
fx620dx-090 fx620dx-243pl fx620dx-256us
fx620dx-268us fx620dx-52412g50sx fx620dx-i588w7p
fx700 fx700 Series fx700-001nl
fx700-004cs fx700-005xeu fx700-006xhu
fx700-011bl fx700-012 fx700-012fr
fx700-013pl fx700-017ru fx700-024us
fx700-025 fx700-044xua fx700-047xua
fx700-053fr fx700-056us fx700-i3847w7p
fx720 g25ta003f ge40
ge40 20c ge40 20c-002cn ge40 20c-209cn
ge40 20c-213cn ge40 20c-456xcn ge40 20l
ge40 20l-235xcn ge40 20pc ge40 20pc-486xcn
ge40 20pc-490xcn ge40-i760m2811 ge60 2oe-035cn
ge60 Series ge600 ge600x
ge603 ge62 ge62 2qc
ge62 2qc-264xcn ge62 2qc-648xcn ge62 2qd
ge62 2qd-007xcn ge62 2qd-059xcn ge62 2qd-647xcn
ge62 2qe ge62 2qe-052cn ge62 2qe-053xcn
ge62 2qe-216xcn ge62 2qf ge62 2qf-255xcn
ge62 6qc ge62 6qc-489xcn ge62 6qc-490xcn
ge62 6qc-867xcn ge62 6qd ge62 6qd-026xcn
ge62 6qd-060xcn ge62 6qd-1077xcn ge62 6qd-237xcn
ge62 6qf ge62 6qf-013xcn ge62 6qf-057xcn
ge62 6qf-202xcn ge62 6qf-203xcn ge620
ge620 Series ge620-001ca ge620-003au
ge620-019uk ge620-021us ge620-i748w7p
ge620dx ge620dx Series ge620dx-275
ge620dx-275ru ge620dx-278us ge620dx-279us
ge620dx-280us ge620dx-283 ge620dx-283ru
ge620dx-284 ge620dx-284ru ge620dx-286x
ge620dx-292cs ge620dx-296nl ge620dx-297nl
ge620dx-434tr ge620dx-435xru ge620dx-456cs
ge620dx-457cs ge620dx-458cs ge620dx-473ru
ge620dx-479 ge620dx-479us ge620dx-488ne
ge620dx-602nl ge620dx-606ru ge620dx-608ru
ge620dx-612ru ge620dx-617ru ge620dx-620
ge620dx-629ru ge620dx-632au ge620dx-650tr
ge620dx-651xtr ge620dx-673fr ge620dx-674fr
ge620dx-691uk ge620dx-806ne ge62vr 6rf-010cn
ge70 Series ge700 ge72
ge72 2qc ge72 2qc-257xcn ge72 2qd
ge72 2qd-018xcn ge72 2qd-059xcn ge72 2qe
ge72 2qe-039cn ge72 2qe-040xcn ge72 2qf
ge72 2qf-258xcn ge72 6qc-287xcn ge72 6qc-289xcn
ge72 6qd-001xcn ge72 6qf ge72 6qf-020xcn
ge72 6qf-073xcn gp62 gp62 2qe
gp62 2qe-215xcn gp62 2qe-218xcn gp62 2qe-275xcn
gp62 6qg gp62 6qg-1071xcn gp72
gp72 2qe gs40 gs40 6qe-006xcn
gs40 6qe-055xcn gs43 gs43vr
gs43vr 6re gs43vr 6re-045cn gs60
gs60 2pc gs60 2pc-010cn gs60 2pc-279xcn
gs60 2pe gs60 2pe-280cn gs60 2pl
gs60 2pl-006xcn gs60 2qc gs60 2qc-022xcn
gs60 2qd gs60 2qd-478cn gs60 2qe
gs60 2qe-215cn gs60 6qc gs60 6qc-070xcn
gs60 6qc-257xcn gs60 6qe gs60 6qe-090cn
gs60 6qe-243cn gs70 gs70 2pc
gs70 2pc-443cn gs70 2pc-633xcn gs70 2pe
gs70 2pe-025cn gs70 2pe-026cn gs70 2qc
gs70 2qc-019xcn gs70 2qd gs70 2qd-487cn
gs70 2qe gs70 2qe-083cn gs70 2qe-084cn
gs70 2qe-085cn gs70 Series gt60
gt60 0nc gt60 0nc-004us gt60 0nc-007
gt60 0nc-008ru gt60 0nc-016 gt60 0nd-448uk
gt60 0ne-220us gt60 0nr-004us gt60 2oc-003us
gt60 2oc-022us gt60 2oc-213au gt60 2pc-607cn
gt60 2pc-608xcn gt60 2pe-1054cn gt60 2pe-1055cn
gt60 2pe-606cn gt60 2qd-1227xcn gt60 Ond-490xfr
gt60 Series gt60 Wsph-7216257bw gt600nd-232xcn
gt600nd-429cn gt600nd-447xcn gt600nd-485cn
gt600nd-495cn gt600ne-206cn gt600ne-251cn
gt600ne-431cn gt6020c-012cn gt6020c-054xcn
gt6020c-211cn gt6020d-011cn gt6020d-036cn
gt6020d-063cn gt6020d-238cn gt60onc-080xcn
gt60onc-221cn gt627 gt627x
gt628 gt628x gt640
gt640x gt660 gt660 Series
gt660-003us gt660-004ca gt660-045ru
gt660-448pl gt660-i7-740qm gt660r
gt660r Series gt660r-003 gt660r-004
gt660r-004us gt660r-081pl gt660r-205nl
gt660r-230cn gt660r-494us gt663
gt663 Series gt663-004 gt663-415ne
gt663-417cs gt663-418hu gt663-423
gt663-436nl gt663-437be gt663-440it
gt663-626xid gt663r gt663r seri3es
gt663r-424fr gt663r-434nl gt663r-603xby
gt663r-i7468blw7p gt663r-i7488blw7p gt670
gt670 Series gt680 gt680 Series
gt680-035uk gt680-036 gt680-037
gt680-037uk gt680-043pl gt680-051it
gt680-055au gt680-057au gt680-059tr
gt680-060tr gt680-064 gt680-Ssd
gt680dx gt680dx Series gt680dxr
gt680dxr Series gt680h gt680r
gt680r Series gt680r-008us gt680r-017fr
gt680r-021 gt680r-056uk gt680r-058fr
gt680r-060tr gt680r-068ua gt680r-069ua
gt680r-088cs gt680r-201es gt680r-230fr
gt683 gt683 Dxr gt683 Series
gt683-246 gt683-246us gt683-278au
gt683-279au gt683-282 gt683-282pl
gt683-283 gt683-286 gt683-286fr
gt683-291tr gt683-297us gt683-419ne
gt683-422nl gt683-430be gt683-434fr
gt683-436 gt683-436fr gt683-441au
gt683-469cs gt683-484cs gt683-602
gt683-656cs gt683-658ru gt683-677
gt683-683ua gt683-694 gt683-694uk
gt683-827ru gt683-841us gt683dx
gt683dx Series gt683dx-460 gt683dx-460ru
gt683dx-461ru gt683dx-470nl gt683dx-473us
gt683dx-475xpl gt683dx-479uk gt683dx-603
gt683dx-608ne gt683dx-619be gt683dx-623cs
gt683dx-624pl gt683dx-625xpl gt683dx-628
gt683dx-631xpl gt683dx-636nl gt683dx-644
gt683dx-644ru gt683dx-645ru gt683dx-648ne
gt683dx-667 gt683dx-670 gt683dx-670ru
gt683dx-671ru gt683dx-690cs gt683dx-698be
gt683dx-804 gt683dx-804uk gt683dx-838cs
gt683dx-840us gt683dx-852nl gt683dx-855ne
gt683dx-872cn gt683dx-i002pl gt683dx-i71691blw7h
gt683dx-i789blw7h gt683dxr gt683dxr Series
gt683dxr-423us gt683dxr-427us gt683dxr-455fr
gt683dxr-459 gt683dxr-465es gt683dxr-466pt
gt683dxr-473us gt683dxr-474xpl gt683dxr-478
gt683dxr-478fr gt683dxr-479uk gt683dxr-486cs
gt683dxr-489us gt683dxr-497xpl gt683dxr-600
gt683dxr-600fr gt683dxr-603us gt683dxr-607ne
gt683dxr-617hu gt683dxr-617nl gt683dxr-629pl
gt683dxr-633us gt683dxr-634us gt683dxr-643
gt683dxr-643ru gt683dxr-650cs gt683dxr-663
gt683dxr-805tr gt683dxr-821cs gt683dxr-845es
gt683dxr-847pt gt683dxr-853nl gt683dxr-854ne
gt683dxr-i002pl gt683dxr-i7810blw7h gt683dxr-s1
gt683r gt683r Series gt683r-242us
gt683r-246fr gt683r-272es gt683r-289us
gt683r-433fr gt683r-472za gt683r-682ua
gt685 gt685 Series gt685-818us
gt685-822au gt685r gt685r Series
gt685r-837nl gt70 gt70 0nc-002us
gt70 0nc-008us gt70 0nc-011us gt70 0nc-012us
gt70 0nc-013us gt70 0nc-014fr gt70 0nc-015uk
gt70 0nc-254cn gt70 0nd-1081xcn gt70 0nd-663cn
gt70 0nd-692cn gt70 0nd-860xcn gt70 0ne-1007cn
gt70 0ne-1008cn gt70 0ne-459cn gt70 0ne-676cn
gt70 0ne-845cn gt70 0nsr-008us gt70 0nsr-015uk
gt70 0nsr-016uk gt70 20c-213cn gt70 20c-244xcn
gt70 20d gt70 20d-284cn gt70 20d-883cn
gt70 20d-885cn gt70 2oc-065us gt70 2oc-213cn
gt70 2od-056au gt70 2od-061cn gt70 2od-212cn
gt70 2od-473cn gt70 2pe-890us gt70 Onc-097cn
gt70 Onc-217xcn gt70 Ond-437cn gt70 Series
gt70-008 gt70-2od gt70h
gt70h-80m4811b gt72 gt72 2pe
gt72 2pe-022cn gt72 2qd gt72 2qd-005xcn
gt72 2qd-1019xcn gt72 2qd-292xcn gt72 2qe
gt72 2qe-1679cn gt72 2qe-1813cn gt72 2qe-209cn
gt72 2qe-212cn gt72 6qd gt72 6qd-005xcn
gt72 6qd-201xcn gt72 6qd-839xcn gt72 6qd-840xcn
gt72 6qe gt72 6qe-209cn gt720
gt720x gt725 gt725-087uk
gt725x gt729 gt729x
gt72s gt72s 6qd-007cn gt72s 6qd-841xcn
gt72s 6qe-007cn gt72s 6qe-487cn gt72s 6qf
gt72s 6qf-018cn gt72s 6qf-054cn gt72s 6qf-064cn
gt72s 6qf-065cn gt72s Tobii gt72vr 6rd-059cn
gt735 gt735x gt740
gt740x gt760 gt760 Series
gt760r gt760r Series gt78 0dxr
gt780 gt780 Series gt780-034
gt780-041 gt780-051au gt780-052au
gt780-087xpl gt780-203pl gt780-216
gt780-221us gt780-236ne gt780-245xua
gt780-246xua gt780-299cs gt780-419
gt780d gt780d Series gt780dx
gt780dx Series gt780dx-215us gt780dx-263us
gt780dx-406us gt780dx-638 gt780dx-644fr
gt780dx-i7169 gt780dx-i7810blw7h gt780dx-x1
gt780dx-x8 gt780dxr gt780dxr Series
gt780dxr-095us gt780dxr-096us gt780dxr-099us
gt780dxr-200us gt780dxr-218 gt780dxr-251
gt780dxr-251ru gt780dxr-252 gt780dxr-253
gt780dxr-259tr gt780dxr-271nl gt780dxr-275za
gt780dxr-278us gt780dxr-279us gt780dxr-290uk
gt780dxr-298 gt780dxr-400cs gt780dxr-403pt
gt780dxr-405us gt780dxr-418xpl gt780dxr-422
gt780dxr-422fr gt780dxr-425 gt780dxr-429ne
gt780dxr-433nl gt780dxr-439pl gt780dxr-444fr
gt780dxr-446us gt780dxr-447 gt780dxr-447us
gt780dxr-451 gt780dxr-454ru gt780dxr-473
gt780dxr-473ru gt780dxr-474ru gt780dxr-475
gt780dxr-479it gt780dxr-491pl gt780dxr-605
gt780dxr-606ru gt780dxr-609uk gt780dxr-619uk
gt780dxr-621uk gt780dxr-672nl gt780dxr-812kz
gt780dxr-i002pl gt780r gt780r Series
gt780r-012bt gt780r-012us gt780r-014us
gt780r-221us gt783 gt783 Series
gt783-625us gt783-639au gt783-659fr
gt783-662nl gt783-680uk gt783r
gt783r Series gt783r-625us gt783r-658us
gt783r-679us gt783r-685us gt80
gt80 2qc gt80 2qc-221cn gt80 2qd
gt80 2qd-042cn gt80 2qe gt80 2qe-034cn
gt80 2qe-035cn gt80 2qe-040cn gt80s 6qe
gt80s 6qe-050cn gt80s 6qe-217cn gt80s 6qe-218cn
Guru Ice i7 Series Gx-700 Gx-710
gx400 gx400x gx403
gx403x gx60 gx60 1ac
gx60 3ae gx60 Series gx600
gx600x gx610 gx610x
gx620 gx620x gx623
gx623x gx630 gx630x
gx633 gx633x gx640
gx640x gx660 gx660 Series
gx660-0523us gx660-053us gx660-076eu
gx660-249nl gx660-251be gx660-253eu
gx660-260us gx660-262it gx660-266ne
gx660-495xpl gx660d gx660d Series
gx660dx gx660dx Series gx660dxr
gx660dxr Series gx660r gx660r Series
gx660r-060us gx660r-075fr gx660r-284uk
gx660r-474uk gx660r-i54510q gx660r-i7468lw7p
gx660r-i7488lw7p gx675 gx675x
gx677 gx677x gx680
gx680 Series gx680-204jp gx680-224
gx680-224ru gx680-234ru gx680-245us
gx680-267 gx680-267ru gx680-452xsp
gx680-604xsp gx680r gx680r Series
gx680r-415ru gx680r-i548lw7p gx680r-i748lw7p
gx70 gx700 gx701
gx705 gx70h-a108972811b gx710
gx711 gx720 gx720x
gx730 gx730x gx740
gx740-079 gx740-079us gx740x
gx780 gx780 Series gx780-004
gx780-011us gx780-013us gx780-016
gx780-036ru gx780-040 gx780-040ru
gx780-073it gx780-213ru gx780dx
gx780dx Series gx780dxr gx780dxr Series
gx780r gx780r Series gx780r-015
gx780r-015ru gx780r-018ne gx780r-022
gx780r-024cs gx780r-212 gx780r-212ru
gx780r-2630qm gx780r-i548lw7p gx780r-i748w7p
Haier 7g-700 l710 l710b
l715 l720 l725
l730 l735 l740
l745 m655 m660
m670 m673 m675
m677 Megabook 3056d Megabook er710
Megabook er710 er710-204nl Megabook er710-s3816vhp Megabook er710x
Megabook ex300 Megabook ex310 Megabook ex320
Megabook ex700 Megabook ex700x Megabook ex710
Megabook ex710x Megabook gx700 Megabook gx700-227uk
Megabook gx700-7525vhp Megabook gx700x Megabook gx701
Megabook gx701x Megabook gx705 Megabook gx705x
Megabook gx710 Megabook gx710x Megabook l610
Megabook l610i Megabook l610x Megabook l710
Megabook l710b Megabook l710x Megabook l715
Megabook l715a Megabook l715p Megabook l715x
Megabook l720 Megabook l720b Megabook l720x
Megabook l725 Megabook l725b Megabook l725x
Megabook l730 Megabook l730x Megabook l735
Megabook l735b Megabook l735x Megabook l740
Megabook l740x Megabook l745 Megabook l745b
Megabook l745x Megabook m1034 Megabook m510
Megabook m510a Megabook m510b Megabook m510c
Megabook m520 Megabook m522 Megabook m610
Megabook m620 Megabook m630 Megabook m635
Megabook m645 Megabook m655 Megabook m660
Megabook m660m Megabook m662 Megabook m670
Megabook m673 Megabook m675 Megabook m677
Megabook Ms-1016 Megabook Ms-1035 Megabook Ms-1036
Megabook Ms-1047 Megabook Ms-1715 Megabook Ms-1716
Megabook Ms-1717 Megabook Ms-1718 Megabook Ms-1719
Megabook Ms-171a Megabook Ms-171b Megabook Ms-171c
Megabook Ms-171f Megabook pr300 Megabook pr310
Megabook pr320 Megabook px200 Megabook px210
Megabook px211 Megabook s250 Megabook s260
Megabook s262 Megabook s270 Megabook s271
Megabook s300 Megabook s420 Megabook s420-003
Megabook s420-018ua Megabook s420-022ua Megabook s420-035hk
Megabook s420-053 Megabook s420-053uk Megabook s420-084
Megabook s420-t1 Megabook s420-x3 Megabook s420x
Megabook s420x-004 Megabook s420x-004hu Megabook s420x-004ua
Megabook s420x-013eu Megabook s420x-022k Megabook s420x-023k
Megabook s420x-023kr Megabook s420x-026k Megabook s420x-026kr
Megabook s420x-026ua Megabook s420x-042 Megabook s420x-042eu
Megabook s420x-059ua Megabook s420x-063pl Megabook s420x-085ua
Megabook s425 Megabook s425-100 Megabook s425-G
Megabook s425x Megabook s425x-064 Megabook s430
Megabook s430-022tr Megabook s430-031 Megabook s430-073cn
Megabook s430-ax2 Megabook s430-x2v Megabook s430x
Megabook s430x-003kr Megabook s430x-007sp Megabook s430x-015ua
Megabook s430x-021tr Megabook s430x-024ua Megabook s430x-025tr
Megabook s430x-031ru Megabook s430x-032 Megabook s430x-035la
Megabook s430x-037ua Megabook s430x-038sp Megabook s430x-041my
Megabook s430x-058ua Megabook s430x-064kr Megabook s430x-066
Megabook s430x-066bg Megabook s430x-070kr Megabook s430x-101sp
Megabook s430x-140tl Megabook s430x-Giant Megabook vr200
Megabook vr201 Megabook vr210 Megabook vr220
Megabook vr320 Megabook vr320-037 Megabook vr320-042
Megabook vr320-042tr Megabook vr320-330 Megabook vr320-cm1
Megabook vr320-h2 Megabook vr320-h4 Megabook vr320-h5
Megabook vr320-k2 Megabook vr320x Megabook vr320x-005ua
Megabook vr320x-010kr Megabook vr320x-020in Megabook vr320x-024
Megabook vr320x-025 Megabook vr320x-035tr Megabook vr330
Megabook vr330-010 Megabook vr330-016 Megabook vr330-016tr
Megabook vr330-022 Megabook vr330x Megabook vr330x-009
Megabook vr330x-009sp Megabook vr330x-010th Megabook vr330x-011
Megabook vr330x-011eu Megabook vr330x-011tr Megabook vr330x-026
Megabook vr600 Megabook vr700 Megabook vr700a
Megabook vr700x Megabook vr705 Megabook vr705x
Microstar Wind u100 Series Microstar Wind u100-286my 10" Ms-1006
Ms-1012 Ms-1013 Ms-1022
Ms-1024 Ms-1035 Ms-1036
Ms-1037 Ms-1042 Ms-1047
Ms-1049 Ms-1053 Ms-1054
Ms-1057 Ms-1058 Ms-1217
Ms-1221 Ms-1222 Ms-1223
Ms-1224 Ms-1225 Ms-1226
Ms-1227 Ms-1228 Ms-1241
Ms-1242 Ms-1243 Ms-1244
Ms-1245 Ms-1313 Ms-1325
Ms-1326 Ms-1332 Ms-1333
Ms-1336 Ms-1337 Ms-1414
Ms-1432 Ms-1451 Ms-1481
Ms-1482 Ms-163a Ms-163c
Ms-163k Ms-163n Ms-1642
Ms-1644 Ms-1651 Ms-1674
Ms-1675 Ms-16d2 Ms-16d3
Ms-16f3 Ms-16g1 Ms-16g4
Ms-16g7 Series Ms-16ga Ms-16gk
Ms-16h2 Ms-16y1 Ms-1715
Ms-1716 Ms-1717 Ms-1718
Ms-1719 Ms-171a Ms-171b
Ms-171c Ms-171f Ms-1722
Ms-1751 Ms-1754 Ms-1762
Ms-1763 Ms-1771 Ms-1781
Ms-1783 Ms-n011 Ms-n012
Ms-n014 Ms-n015 Ms-n031
Ms-n033 Ms-n811 ms1034
ms1039 ms1613 ms1632
ms1633 ms1634 ms1636
ms1637 ms163d ms1651
ms1652 ms16f3 ms1721
ms1722 ms1762 Mysn mg6
Notebookguru fl90 Ocz nbis15diya Series Olibook s1350
Olivetti Olibook s1350 One c64xx One c6600
One c6614 Osiris e619 Osiris e625
p600 p600-002nl p600-019
p600-019us p600-030us p600-i3343w7b
pe60 pe70 pe70 2qe
pe70 2qe-049xcn pe70 6qd pr200
pr201 pr210 pr300
pr310 pr320 pr600
pr600x pr601 pr620
pr621 px200 px210
px211 px60 px600
px600x Rabook f630 Rabook f640
Rabook f650 Rabook f730 Rabook f740
Rabook f750 Rizeon fl90 Series Rm Nbook 100
Rm Nbook 200 Rm Nbook 4200 Series s425
s6000 s6000-017us s6000-025us
s6000-026us s6000-027us Sager np2009
Sager np2018 Schenker Xmg p511 Schenker Xmg p511-5ev
Schenker Xmg p511-6oz Slider s20 Series Slider s20-i541
Versa p7300 vr200 vr201
vr210 vr220 vr320
vr320x vr330 vr330x
vr430 vr430x vr440
vr440x vr600 vr600x
vr601 vr601x vr602
vr602x vr603 vr603x
vr610 vr610x vr620
vr620x vr630 vr630x
vr700 vr705 vx600
vx600x w765sun Wind l1300
Wind l1350 Wind l1350-430us Wind l1350-431us
Wind l1350-436us Wind l1350-437us Wind l1600
Wind Ms-n011 Wind nb10051 Wind nb10051 10"(Pink)
Wind nb10052 Wind nb10052 10" Wind nb10053
Wind nb10053 10" Wind nb10059 Wind nb10059 10"
Wind nb10060 Wind nb10060 10" Wind u100
Wind u100 10" Pink Wind u100 Series Wind u100-002us 10"
Wind u100-013us Wind u100-016us 10" Wind u100-018us
Wind u100-030us 10" Wind u100-043us 10" Wind u100-053us 10"
Wind u100-1616nxp 10" Wind u100-1616xp 10" Wind u100-1618xp 10"
Wind u100-244my Wind u100-279us 10" Wind u100-280us 10"(Pink)
Wind u100-411us 10" Wind u100-420us 10" Wind u100-427us
Wind u100-432us 10" Wind u100-439us 10" Wind u100-451us 10"
Wind u100-631us Wind u100-641us Wind u100-641us 10"
Wind u100-869us Wind u100-876us Wind u100p
Wind u100w Wind u100x Wind u110
Wind u110 Eco Wind u110-031us Wind u115
Wind u115v Wind u120 Wind u120-001us
Wind u120-001us 10" Wind u120-020us 10" Wind u120-024us
Wind u120-024us 10" Wind u120h Wind u123
Wind u123-001us Wind u123-001us 10.2" Wind u123-002us
Wind u123-002us 10.2" Wind u123-003us Wind u123-003us 10.2"
Wind u123-004us Wind u123-004us 10.2" Wind u123-019us
Wind u123-025us Wind u123-033us Wind u123h
Wind u123t Wind u130 Wind u130-416us
Wind u130-417us Wind u135 Wind u135-205us
Wind u135-206us Wind u135-208us Wind u135-210us
Wind u135-411us Wind u135-413us Wind u135-415us
Wind u135-628us Wind u135-643us Wind u135-644us
Wind u135dx Wind u135dx-1208us Wind u150
Wind u160 Wind u160-003 Wind u160-003fr
Wind u160-005 Wind u160-006us Wind u160-007us
Wind u160-020it Wind u160-023eu Wind u160-025cz
Wind u160-030 Wind u160-031it Wind u160-034nl
Wind u160-048uk Wind u160-049uk Wind u160-058
Wind u160-061pl Wind u160-074au Wind u160-075au
Wind u160-091au Wind u160-212 Wind u160-216it
Wind u160-239ua Wind u160-290xsy Wind u160-412us
Wind u160-415cs Wind u160-472us Wind u160-n051
Wind u160-w7 Wind u160-xp3 Wind u160dx
Wind u160dx-434nl Wind u160dxh Wind u160mx
Wind u200 Wind u210 Wind u210-006us
Wind u210-008us Wind u223 Wind u230
Wind u230-033us Wind u230-040us Wind u250
Wind u270 Wind u90 Wind u90x
Windpad 110w Series Windpad 110w Tablet Windpad 110w-001au
Windpad 110w-007us Windpad 110w-008us Windpad 110w-014us
Windpad 110w-017jp Windpad 110w-028es Windpad 110w-037au
Windpad 110w-039za Windpad 110w-045jp Windpad 110w-050ca
Windpad 110w-232u Windpad 110w-232up wt72
X-Slim x460 X-Slim x460dx X-Slim x600
X-Slim x610 x320 x320 Series
x320-007ca x320-037us x320x
x320x-B x320x-S x320x-V
x320x-W x340 x340 Series
x340-021us x340-023us x340-048us
x340-200 x340-200us x340-218us
x340x x340x-023cz x340x-034cz
x340x-038cn x340x-0w1nl x340x-207vn
x340x-u7232g32xx x340x-V x350
x350-289au x350-408us x350-454pl
x350-472nl x350-476au x350x
x360 x360-003 x360-003ru
x360-005nl x360-007ne x360-01
x360-015eu x360-016cz x360-018
x360-018hu x360-024cs x360-030it
x360-032fr x360-033nl x360-036cs
x360-038 x360-038eu x360-0w1be
x360-i5547w7p x360x x370
x370-001us x370x x400
x400-009pl x400-029us x400-032vn
x400-038uk x400-051uk x400-060us
x400-074uk x400-075ua x400-077
x400-077fr x400-200ca x400-204us
x400-205us x400-207 x400-208
x400-215ua x400-225uk x400-226uk
x400-3500 x400-723 x400-Wb
x400x x400x-043cn x400x-0w3hu
x400x-su412g32xx x400x-u7232g32xx x410
x410-001 x410-001fr x410-002uk
x410-003pl x410-005 x410-005pl
x410-006uk x410-009ua x410-010fr
x410-010u x410-010ua x410-011
x410-011nl x410-012be x410-016eu
x410-017cz x410-018sk x410-019
x410-019fr x410-019hu x410-028es
x410-030ua x410-043ua x410-045nl
x410-060 x410-060fr x410-mv40
x410x x410x-016eu x410x-0w4eu
x410x-mv401 x410x-mv402 x420
x420-004us x420-006 x420-020es
x420-023 x420-025 x420-026ua
x420-su412g32 x420x x430
x430-006ua x430-014xcn x430-016ru
x430-022pl x430-023pl x430-029xby
x430-034 x430-034fr x430-036xby
x430-057xby x430-058xby x430-063l
x430-070 x430-072x x430-075xby
x430-3202 x430-l335 x430-mv402g32xx
x430x x430x-B x460-004us
x460dx x460dx-006us x460dx-007us
x460dx-008us x460dx-52414g64sx x620
x620x x620x-005 x620x-005hu
z70 z70 2ba-1247cn z70 2pe
Zepto Znote 3414w Zepto Znote 3415w Series
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Battery Tips

  1. Do not throw the msi battery into the fire, as this could cause the explosion of the battery.
  2. Do not setting your battery pack in the high humidity, high temperature, strong vibrative and dusty place.
  3. Do not dispose of battery used with other solid waste because they contain toxic substances.
  4. Do not heat the battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electronic substance.
  5. Do not disassemble the msi battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance.
  6. Do not left the battery unused for a long time or place battery in device for a long period of time if device is not being used.
  7. Do not expose the msi battery to direct sunlight or shock the battery pack by dropping or throwing it.
  8. Do not store or use the battery in a locked and unventilated vehicle, where excessive internal temperatures may occur.
  9. Do not short-circuit the battery, either inadvertently or intentionally bringing the terminals into contact with another metal object such as necklaces or hairpins, this could cause a fire and damage the battery.
  10. If the liquid inside the battery leaks, use large quantities of water immediately to wash any liquid with a synthetic detergent.
  11. Keep the battery away from heat or fire, if you detect the issuance of an extraordinary odor or leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance, please dispose used msi batteries in accordance with the regulations that apply to the disposal of batteries.
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