Listed by Battery Part No.

1034t-003 1034t-004260730 261750261751
6-87-m66ns-4ca 906c5040f 906c5050f
908c3500f 90nitlild4su1 90nitlilg2su1
916c4230f 916c4540f 916c5110f
916c5180f 916c5190f 916c5220f
916c5280f 916c5340f 916c7040f
957-1034t-003 980c3890f batel80l6
batel80l9 batfl91l6 batsqu511
Bty-m66 C.201s0.001 cbpil44
cbpil48 cbpil52 cbpil72
cbpil73 gc020009y00 gc020009z00
gc02000a000 gc02000ak00 gc02000am00
gc02000an00 gc02000au00 gc02000av00
id6 id6-2200 id9
Idst-9 s91-0300240-ce1 s91-030024x-ce1
s91-0300250-ce1 d700tbat-12 87-d70ts-4d61
87-m12cs-49e 87-m12cs-49f m120bat-4
me202bb 122-00044-000 234960-001
317-218-001 503430-501 503468-001
504030-027 6012p 90-0100-0020
90-0801-0020 Ba-9250 ba9250
Bat-st202s bj202sp Ce-bl01
cebl01 d4031a d4035a
Dr-202 Dr-202i dr202i
dso001185-00 dso002576 dso002576-00
Emc-202 ip202 ka21012-01
ka21014-01 Lip-947 Lip-958
lip9020b lip947 lip958
me202 me202a me202b
nbp001117 nbp001117-00 nbp001139
nbp001139-00 nbp001169 nbp001169-00
nbp001185 nbp001185-00 nbp001197
nbp001197-00 nbp001254 nbp001254-00
nbp001276 nbp001276-00 nbp001280
nbp001280-00 nbp001285 nbp001285-00
ni202 ni2020 ni2020c
Pe-202d2 Pk-010011433 sb200l
Sl-202 Smp-202 Smp-202p
Smp-202s smp2020d smp202p
Ssb-500el Ssb-650els Ssb-830els
Ssb-830els/E Ssb-950els Ssb-950els/E
Ssb-t10cls Ssb-t10cls/E Ssb-v20cls
Ssb-v20cls/E Ssb-v20kls ssb500el
ssb650els St-202s st202
st202s std202s 87-d70ts-4d614
6-87-m62cs-4d78 6-87-m62es-4d71 6-87-m62es-4dk2
6-87-m62es-4dk4 6-87-m63es-4d7b 6-87-m63es-4da1
6-87-m63es-4dkb m620nebat-10 m620nebat-4
m620nebat-6 87-m54gs-4d3 87-m54gs-4d31
87-m54gs-4d32 87-m54gs-4d3a 87-m54gs-4d4
87-m54gs-4j4 Bat-5420-A Bat-5422
Bat-5522 Bat-5560-A m540bat-6
m545bat-6 87-m52gs-4df 87-m52gs-4kf
m520gbat-4 m520gbat-8 87-m12cs
m120bat-8 5620-P 5620p-P
5800p-P 87-5628s-4d3 87-56p8s
87-58p8s-4d3 980-2530 d520bat-P
m660bat-6 m660nbat-6 m740bat-3
m740bat-6 6-87-m72ss-4d42 6-87-m72ss-4sf2
Bat-7350 Bat-7350-8 Bat-m735t
m720bat-4 m720bat-8 m720sbat-4
m720sbat-8 Dr-202s dr202s
emc36 nj1020 nl2020
sl202 sl36 smp202
smp36 6-87-r130s-4d7 r130bat-8
6-87-m660s-4p4 6-87-m66ns-4c3 Squ-601
6-87-x710s-4271 6-87-x710s-4272 6-87-x710s-4j7
6-87-x710s-4j72 p150hmbat-8 6-87-m62es-4dk1
p180hmbat-3 p180hmbat-8 6-87-m810s-4zc
6-87-m815s-4zc2 6-87-m817s-4zc1 m810bat-2
6-87-w84ts-427 6-87-w84ts-4z91 w830bat-3
w830bat-6 w860bat-6 6-87-w540s-4271
6-87-w540s-4w41 w540bat-6 63am43028-Oa Sdc
mb401-3s4400-s1b1 mb402-3s4400-s1b1 mb403-3s4400-g1b1
mb403-3s4400-g1l3 mb403-3s4400-s1b1 w217bat-6
6-87-m110s-4d41 6-87-m110s-4df m1100bat
m1100bat-3 m1100bat-6 6-87-r130s-4d72
6-87-r130s-4df1 6-87-r130s-4df2 r130bat-4
6-87-c450s-4r4 6-87-c480s-4g41 6-87-c480s-4p4
6-87-c480s-4p41 6-87-c480s-4p42 6-87-c480s-4p43
6-87-e412-4d7 6-87-e412s-4d7 6-87-e412s-4y4a
c4500bat-6 m980bat-4 m980bat4
6-87-m980s-4x51 687m980s4x51 87-d900ts-476
87-d90cs-4d6 87-d9tas-4d6 d900tbat-12
6-87-w370s-427 6-87-w370s-4271 6-87-w37ss-427
w350etq w350stq w370bat-8
w370et w370st m1000-bps3
m1000-bps6 m2000-bps3 6-87-w740s-42e1
w740bat-6 tn120rbat-4 6-87-tn70s-4de
tn70mbat-4 6-87-p157s-4272 p157smbat-8
6-87-w860s-421a 6-87-w86s-421a 6-87-w87s-421a
w860bat-3 6-87-x720s-4z71 x7200bat-8
d450tbat-12 87-d45ts-4d6 87-8888s-498
87-8888s-4e8 Bat-8814 Bat-8880
Bat-8890 Bat-8894 bat8814
bat8880 bat8890 bat889
6-87-m59ks-4d6 6-87-m59ks-4d63 6-87-m59kx-4k62
87-m59ks-4d6 m590kbat-12 6-87-m57as-474
87-m57as-404 87-m57as-474 87-m57as-4d4
87-m57as-ad4 Bat-5710 Bat-5712
Bat-5720 Bat-5750 Bat-5760
m560abat-8 m570abat-8 6-87-x510s-4d7
6-87-x510s-4d72 6-87-x510s-4j7 6-87-p37es-427
6-87-p37es-4271 p370bat-8 6-87-m720s-4m4
6-87-m72ss-4d41 m720bat-2 m720sbat-2
6-87-c550s-4pf 6-87-c550s-4yf c5500bat-4
6-87-p375s-427 6-87-p375s-4271 p375bat-8
6-87-w130s-4d7 w130hubat-6 6-87-w230s-4271
w230bat-6 6-87-w15es-4v4 6-87-w15es-4yp
vnb142 w240bat-6 w240bubat-3
w240bubat-6 6-87-w310s-42f w310bat-4
6-87-w547s-424 6-87-w547s-42f w547bat-4
w547bat-6 6-87-w650s-4d7a2 6-87-w650s-4e7
w650bat-6 Jm-2sp0688p 6-87-n150s-4291
6-87-n150s-4u91 n150bat-6 6-87-p750s-4272
p750bat-8 w217bat-3 6-87-w217s-4df1
6-87-w345s-4w42 w340bat-6 w940bat-3
6-87-w940s-4271 w940bat-6 6-87-w940s-4241
t890bat-4 wa50bat-4 6-87-wa50s
p650bat-4 6-87-p650s-4252 w950bat-4
6-87-w95ks w340bat-4 6-87-w345s-4wf1
6-87-w540s-427 6-87-w540s-4u4 6-87-w840s-4dl1
w840bat-4 6-87-s210s-4w6 6-87-s210s-4w6a
6-87-s21es-4w6 bt1201-W s210bat-2
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Listed by Laptop Model No.

240cu 271efq 573
6-87-p180s-427 6-87-w130s-4d7 6100
6200 6200a 6200m
6400 6400a 6400m
66 660 665
7200 7200t 7600
7800 82h 86
862 863 86a
86ce 870 873
875 888 8880
888e 888es 96
96h 98 980
982 982a 982g
ajp888 Aquado m1519 b4100m Series
b4105 Series b5100m Series b5130m Series
b7110 Series b7130 Series Bangho et1206
c4100 Series c4500 c4500 Series
c4500q c4500q Series c4501
c4505 c5100q Series c5105 Series
c5500q Series c5500qc Series c5505 Series
c5505c Series Ciewsinie vnb120 d450t Series
d700 d700t d750
d750w d800p fma86d
fma86t g150s Gigabyte p15f
Jm-2sp0688p k590s k590s-i7
k650s-i7 k710c-i7 k790s
k790s-i7 m1100 Series m1110 Series
m1110q Series m1111 Series m1115 Series
m520-G m520g m521-S
m521n m540 m540g
m540n m540v m541g
m541v m545g m545v
m54g m54n m54v
m550g m550n m550v
m551g m551v m555g
m555v m55g m55n
m55v m56 m560
m560a m560ru m560tu
m560u m56a m57
m570 m570a m570r
m570ru m570tu m570u
m570u1 m570x m571
m571a m571r m571ru
m571tu m571u m571u1
m57a m57r m57ru
m57tu m57u m57u1
m57x m59 m590
m590k m590ke m59k
m59ke m620 m620 Series
m620nc m620nc Series m660
m660je m660n m660s
m660sr m660sru m661
m661n m662 m665
m665je m665n m665s
m66je m670 m675
m72 m720 m720r
m720s m721 m721s
m722 m722s m725
m725r m725s m728t
m729t m72r m72s
m72sr m72srs m72t
m72x m72x R m72x S
m72x Sr m72x T m730
m730sr m730t m730tg
m731 m731sr m731t
m731tg m735t m738
m738sr m738t m738tg
m73x m73x Sr m73x T
m73x T Series m73xsr m740
m740j m740k m740s
m740su m740sun m740t
m740tg m740tu m740tun
m741j m745 m745d
m745j m745ju m745k
m745s m745su m745sun
m745t m745tg m745tu
m745tun m746 m746j
m746ju m746k m746s
m746su m746sun m746t
m746tg m746tu m746tun
m748 m748d m748k
m748s m748tg m74x
m76 m760 m760j
m760t m760tg m761
m761j m761t m761tg
m762 m762j m762t
m762tg m765 m765j
m765t m765tg m765tu
m766 m766t m766tg
m767 m767t m767tg
m76x m770 m770cu
m770k m770s m770su
m770sun m771 m771cu
m771k m771s m771su
m771sun m775 m775cu
m775k m775s m775su
m775sun m77sun m77x
m810 m810l m815
m815p m817 mb401 Series
mb402 Series mb402-4s2200-s1b1 mb403 Series
mb403-4s2200-s1b1 mb50 Series mb50-3s4400-s1b1
mb50-3s5200-s1l5 mb50-4s2200-s1b1 mb50-4s4400-s1b1
mb50-4s5200-s1l5 Mobinote 5620 Mobinote 5620d
Mobinote 5620p Mobinote 5800 Mobinote 5800d
Mobinote 5800n Mobinote 5800p Mobinote m120
Mobinote m120c Mobinote m120w Mobinote m121
Mobinote m121c Mobinote m121w Mobinote m540g
Mobinote m540v Mobinote m541g Mobinote m541v
Mobinote m545g Mobinote m545v Mobinote m54g
Mobinote m54v Mobinote m550g Mobinote m550v
Mobinote m551g Mobinote m551v Mobinote m555g
Mobinote m555v Mobinote m55g Mobinote m660je
Mobinote m660n Mobinote m660s Mobinote m661n
Mobinote m665je Mobinote m665n Mobinote m665s
Mobinote m66je Mobinote m72 Mobinote m720
Mobinote m720r Mobinote m720s Mobinote m721
Mobinote m721s Mobinote m721t Mobinote m722
Mobinote m722s Mobinote m725 Mobinote m725r
Mobinote m725s Mobinote m72r Mobinote m72s
Model 98 n150sd n155sd Series
n170sd Series nb320 Nexoc b509ii
Nexoc g505 Nexoc g508ii Nexoc. g508ii
np6350 np6370 One k73-5n
p150 p150 Series p150em
p150em Series p150hm p150hm Series
p150sm p151 p151 Series
p151em Series p151hm Series p151hm1
p151hm1 Series p151sm p151sm1-A
p157 Series p157sm p157sm-A
p170 p170 Series p170em
p170em Series p170hm p170hm Series
p170hm3 p170hm3 Series p170hmx
p170sm p170sm-A p177 Series
p177sm p177sm-A p180hm
p370em p370sm p370sm-A
p370sm3 p375sm p377sm
p650ra p650re3 p650re3-G
p650re6 p650rg p650rg-G
p650sa p650se p650sg
p651ra p651re p651re3
p651re3-G p651re6 p651re6-G
p651rg p651sg p655ra
p655re3 p655re3-G p655re6
p655re6-G p670-Rg p670ra
p670re3 p670re3-G p670re6
p670re6-G p670rg p670rg-G
p670sa p671ra p671re3
p671re3-G p671re6 p671re6-G
p671rg p671rg-G p750dm-G
p750zm p750zm-S p751dm
p751dm-G p751zm p751zm-S
p770-Dm p770dm p770dm-G
p770zm p770zm-S p771dm
p771dm-G p771zm p771zm-S
p775dm p775dm-G p775dm1
p775dm1-G Portanote 980 Portanote 9800 Series
Portanote 982 Portanote 982a Portanote 982g
Portanote d700t Portanote d750w Portanote d900 Series
Portanote d900k Portanote d900t Portanote d90k Series
Portanote d90t Portanote d9k Portanote d9t
r130 Series r130t s210tu
s210tu-L s413 s50
s55 Sager np7358 Strongbook m7a8
t890 Terrans Force x711 Terrans Force x7200 Series
Terransforce x811 Thunderobot g150s tn120
tn120r tn121r tn70
tn70m Viewsonic vnb108 vnb130
w130 w150 Series w150daq Series
w150er Series w150erq Series w150hm Series
w150hn Series w150hnm Series w150hnq Series
w150hr Series w150hrm Series w150hrq Series
w155eu w155u w170er Series
w170hn Series w170hr Series w217s
w230 w230sd w230ss
w230st w230st Barebones w240bu
w240c w240eu w240eu Series
w240euq w240euq Series w240h
w240hu w240hu Series w24aeu
w24ahu w24bhu w250
w250es w250es Series w250euq
w250euq Series w250h w250hu
w250huq w250huq Series w251
w251b w251buq w251bwq
w251c w251cuq w251efq
w251eg w251eg Series w251el
w251elq w251eq Series w251eu
w252eu w253huq w255cew
w255eu w255hs w255hu
w258eu w25acu w25aef
w25aef Series w25aen w25aes
w25aeu w270buq w270cz
w270egq w270elq w270en
w270es w270euq w270h
w270hnq w270hpq w270hsq
w270huq w271 w271buq
w271czq w271egq w271elq
w271euq w350et w350etq
w350st w355ss w355st
w355stq w35xhx w370et
w370ss w540 w540eu
w547 w54eu w550
w550eu w550su w55eu
w650s w650sc w650sf
w650sh w650sj w650sr
w650sz w665sz w670sc
w670sjq w670srq w670szq1
w740su w760 w760c
w760cu w760k w760s
w760sua w760sun w760t
w760tg w760th w760tun
w761 w761c w761cu
w761k w761s w761sua
w761sun w761t w761tg
w761tun w763 w763c
w763cu w763k w763s
w763sua w763sun w763t
w763tg w763tun w765
w765c w765cu w765k
w765s w765sua w765sun
w765t w765tg w765tun
w76x w830t w832t
w840au w840sn w840t
w842t w86 Series w87 Series
w940au w940s w940su
w940su1 w940tu w950
wa50 wa50sfq wa50shq
wa50sjq wa50srq x7200 Series
x8100 x900 x911
Xmg a503 Xmg a522 Xmg a523
Xmg a722 Xmg a723 Xmg-a723
Zoostorm 7827 Zoostorm 7872-9043/A Zoostorm 9040
Zoostorm b980
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Battery Tips

  1. Do not throw the clevo battery into the fire, as this could cause the explosion of the battery.
  2. Do not setting your battery pack in the high humidity, high temperature, strong vibrative and dusty place.
  3. Do not dispose of battery used with other solid waste because they contain toxic substances.
  4. Do not heat the battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electronic substance.
  5. Do not disassemble the clevo battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance.
  6. Do not left the battery unused for a long time or place battery in device for a long period of time if device is not being used.
  7. Do not expose the clevo battery to direct sunlight or shock the battery pack by dropping or throwing it.
  8. Do not store or use the battery in a locked and unventilated vehicle, where excessive internal temperatures may occur.
  9. Do not short-circuit the battery, either inadvertently or intentionally bringing the terminals into contact with another metal object such as necklaces or hairpins, this could cause a fire and damage the battery.
  10. If the liquid inside the battery leaks, use large quantities of water immediately to wash any liquid with a synthetic detergent.
  11. Keep the battery away from heat or fire, if you detect the issuance of an extraordinary odor or leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance, please dispose used clevo batteries in accordance with the regulations that apply to the disposal of batteries.
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