Listed by Battery Part No.

330067 330068 330139
330557 Bsl 1815x Bsl 1830
328036 Bsl 3626 328033
328034 Bsl 2530 326240
326241 327730 327731
Bcl 1815 Ebm 1830 326263
326299 Ebm 315 329369
329370 329371 329389
331065 Bcl 1015 Bcl 1030
Bcl 1030m bcl1030a 329083
329877 329901 Bsl 1415
Bsl 1430 327728 327729
bcl1415 319805 319806
319807 Eb 2420 Eb 2430ha
Eb 2430r Eb 2433x 316662
318368 318840 321654
Eb 920hs Eb 920rs Eb 926h
Eb 930h Eb 930r Eb 9h
325292 Eb 7 Eb 712s
Eb 714s Eb 7b Eb 7g
Eb 7m Eb 7s Feb 7
Feb 7s 320386 320387
320388 320606 320608
320686 321652 322434
322629 323226 324279
324360 324361 324362
Eb 1212s Eb 1214l Eb 1214s
Eb 1220bl Eb 1220hl Eb 1220hs
Eb 1220rs Eb 1222hl Eb 1226hl
Eb 1230hl Eb 1230r Eb 1230x
Eb 1233x
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Listed by Product Model No.

C 18dsl c18dslp4 Cg 18dsdl
Cj 18dsl Cj 18dslp4 Cr 18dsl
Cr 18dslp4 Dh 18dsl Ds 18dbl
Ds 18dsl Dv 18dsl G 18dsl
Rb 18dsl Wh 18dsal Wh 18dsl
Dh 36dal Dh 36dl Dh 25dal
Dh 25dl C 18dl C 18dlx
C 18dmr C 6dc C 6dd
c18dlp4 Cj 18dl Cj 18dlx
cj18dlp4 Cr 18dl Cr 18dlx
Cr 18dmr Cr 18dv cr18dlp4
Dh 18dl Dh 18dlx dh18dlp4
Ds 18dfl Ds 18dflg Ds 18dl
Ds 18dmr Ds 18dvb Ds 18dvb2
Ds 18dvb2k Ds 18dvf3 ds18dlp4
Dv 18dcl Dv 18dl Dv 18dmr
Dv 18dv Dv 18dvks dv18dlp4
G 18dl G 18dlx g18dlp4
Kc 18da Rb 18dl Rb 18dlp4
Ub 18d Ub 18dl ub18dlc
Wh 18dl Wh 18dmr wh18dfl
wh18dlp4 Wr 18dl Wr 18dmr
wr18dlp4 Db 3dl Db 3dl2
Fdb 3dl Nt 50gs Nt 65ga
Nt 65gb Nt 65gs cj10dl
Cr 10dl cr10dl Db 10dl
db10dl db3dl ds10dfl
Fcg 10dl Fch 10dl Fcr 10dl
fcr10dl Fdb 10dl fdb10dfl
fdb10dl fds10dfl Fwh 10dcl
Fwh 10dl fwh10dcl fwh10dfl
gp10dl Ub 10dl ub10dl
Uc 10 Sfl Uc 10 Sl Wh 10dcl
Wh 10dl wh10dcl wh10dfl
C 14dsl c14dysl Cd 14dsl
Cg 14dsal Cg 14dsl Cj 14dsl
Ck 14dsc Cl 14dsl Cr 14dsl
Dh 14dsl Ds 14dsfl Ds 14dsl
ds14dbl Dv 14dsl Fwh 14dsl
G 14dsl np14dsl r14dsl
Rb 14dsl Ub 18dal Ub 18dsl
Wh 14dbal Wh 14dbl Wh 14dcl
Wh 14dsl Wr 14dsl wr14dbal
C-2 Cj 14dl Dh 14dl
Ds 14daf2 Ds 14dfl Ds 14dflg
Ds 14dl Ds 14dmr Ds 14dv
Ds 14dva Ds 14dvb Ds 14dvb2
Ds 14dvb2k Ds 14dvf Ds 14dvf2
Ds 14dvf3 Dv 14dl Dv 14dmr
Dv 14dv Dv 14dva Dv 14dvks
G 14dl Wh 14d Wh 14da
Wh 14daf2 Wh 14dh Wh 14dl
Wh 14dm Wh 14dmb Wh 14dmk
Wh 14dmr Wr 14dh Wr 14dl
Wr 14dm Wr 14dmb Wr 14dmk
Wr 14dmr C 7d Cr 24dv
Dh 24dv Dh 24dva Dv 24dv
Dv 24dva Dv 24dvks Ck 12d
Ck 12dy Cl 10d D 10k-2
Dn 10dy Ds 10dt Ds 10dv
Ds 10dv2 Ds 10dvc Ds 9dm
Ds 9dm2 Ds 9dva Ds 9dvb
Ds 9dvb2 Ds 9dvf Ds 9dvf2
Ds 9dvf3 Fch 30d2 Fds 9dva
Fds 9dvc Ub 12d Ub 12dl
Ub 2d Ub 3d Ub 5d
Ut 6d Vh 8dya Wh 8d1
Wh 8db2 Wh 8dc Wh 8dc2
Wh 8dh Wh 8dya Wh 9dm
Wh 9dm2 Wh 9dmr Wr 8dh
Wr 9dm Wr 9dm2 Wr 9dmr
Dn 10dat Dn 10dsa Dn 10dva
Dn 6dm Dn 7dt Dn 7dv
Ds 10dtb Ds 10dvb Ds 6dv
Ds 7df Ds 7dv Fds 7dva
Nr 40g Nr 90gc Nr 90gc2
Nr 90gr Nr 90gr2 Wh 6dc
C 5d Cd 4d Cl 13d
Db 12dm2 Dh 15d2 Dh 15dv
Dn 12dy Dn 12dyk Dn 12y
Ds 10dta Ds 10dva Ds 12dm
Ds 12dm2 Ds 12dv Ds 12dvb
Ds 12dvb2 Ds 12dvb2ks Ds 12dvf
Ds 12dvf2 Ds 12dvf3 Dw 18d
Fds 12dvc Fdv 12dv Fwh 12dc2
Fwh 12dc3 Fwh 12dd Fwh 12df
fwh12dc4 R 9d Rb 18d
Wh 12daf Wh 12daf2 Wh 12dc
Wh 12dm Wh 12dm2 Wh 12dm2k
Wh 12dmr Wh 12dmr2 Wp 12da
Wr 12daf Wr 12daf2 Wr 12dm
Wr 12dm2 Wr 12dmr
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Battery Tips

  1. Do not throw the hitachi battery into the fire, as this could cause the explosion of the battery.
  2. Do not setting your battery pack in the high humidity, high temperature, strong vibrative and dusty place.
  3. Do not dispose of battery used with other solid waste because they contain toxic substances.
  4. Do not heat the battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electronic substance.
  5. Do not disassemble the hitachi battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance.
  6. Do not left the battery unused for a long time or place battery in device for a long period of time if device is not being used.
  7. Do not expose the hitachi battery to direct sunlight or shock the battery pack by dropping or throwing it.
  8. Do not store or use the battery in a locked and unventilated vehicle, where excessive internal temperatures may occur.
  9. Do not short-circuit the battery, either inadvertently or intentionally bringing the terminals into contact with another metal object such as necklaces or hairpins, this could cause a fire and damage the battery.
  10. If the liquid inside the battery leaks, use large quantities of water immediately to wash any liquid with a synthetic detergent.
  11. Keep the battery away from heat or fire, if you detect the issuance of an extraordinary odor or leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance, please dispose used hitachi batteries in accordance with the regulations that apply to the disposal of batteries.
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