Listed by Battery Part No.

278418-b25 279665-001 280206-001
280207-001 280611-001 281233-001
281234-001 281766-001 289053-001
291369-b25 315338-001 320912-001
325527-001 331437-001 331438-001
333044-001 335209-001 346970-001
350836-001 360318-001 360318-002
360318-003 360482-001 360482-007
360483-001 360483-003 360483-004
360484-001 361909-001 361909-002
364602-001 365750-001 365750-003
365750-004 367457-001 372771-001
372772-001 378859-001 381373-001
381374-001 382553-001 383220-001
383510-001 385843-001 385895-001
393549-001 393652-001 395790-001
395790-003 395790-132 395790-163
395790-762 395791-001 395791-002
395791-003 395791-132 395791-142
395791-251 395791-261 395791-661
395791-741 395791-761 395793-001
395793-251 395794-001 395794-002
395794-003 395794-004 395794-261
395794-741 396751-001 397163-001
397164-001 397809-001 397809-003
397809-142 397809-242 397809-251
397809-631 398650-001 398680-001
398682-001 398854-001 398874-001
398875-001 398876-001 404887-241
404888-241 408545-001 408545-021
408545-141 408545-142 408545-161
408545-241 408545-261 408545-262
408545-621 408545-721 408545-741
408545-761 409357-001 409357-002
410311-242 410311-421 410311-763
410315-141 410315-142 411126-001
411127-001 412779-001 412918-721
415306-001 417528-001 418867-001
418871-001 436426-311 436426-351
436426-711 436426-751 436426-752
441675-001 443884-001 443885-001
446398-001 446399-001 447649-251
450477-001 451085-121 451085-141
451085-142 451085-361 451085-621
451085-661 451086-001 451086-121
451086-141 451086-161 451086-361
451086-362 451086-621 451086-661
451545-261 451545-361 451568-001
452195-001 454001-001 454668-001
456623-001 456864-001 456865-001
462889-122 462889-141 462889-142
462889-241 463310-132 463310-141
463310-521 463310-541 463310-721
463310-741 463310-761 464119-142
464119-143 464119-162 464119-361
464119-362 464119-363 467784-001
482372-251 482372-252 482372-261
482372-262 482372-321 482372-322
482372-361 482372-362 484785-001
484787-001 486295-001 486296-001
490306-001 491278-001 491279-001
491654-001 491657-001 496897-001
500014-001 500764-001 500765-001
501717-341 501717-362 501870-001
501935-001 513128-261 513129-121
513129-141 513129-421 532497-221
532497-241 532497-421 572186-001
572187-001 572188-001 572189-001
572190-001 572191-001 583256-001
586031-001 614565-421 614565-541
614565-721 629835-141 629835-151
629835-221 629835-541 629835-751
630193-001 638670-001 983c2280f
ah547aa at908aa at908aa#Aba
at908aa#ac3 dak100520-01f200l dd08
dd08063 dd880a dp399a
dx532av ed06 ed06066
ed06df eg920av eh510aa
eh767aa eh768aa eq441av
et490av f4098a f4809a
f4812a gj655aa gj655aa#Abh
Hstnn-105c Hstnn-a14c Hstnn-c123c
Hstnn-c12c Hstnn-c13c Hstnn-c15c
Hstnn-c18 Hstnn-c18c Hstnn-c28c
Hstnn-c31c Hstnn-c66c Hstnn-c66c-4
Hstnn-c66c-5 Hstnn-c67c Hstnn-c67c-4
Hstnn-c67c-5 Hstnn-cb05 Hstnn-cb11
Hstnn-cb1y Hstnn-cb1z Hstnn-cb28
Hstnn-cb29 Hstnn-cb30 Hstnn-cb31
Hstnn-cb45 Hstnn-cb49 Hstnn-cb50
Hstnn-cb69 Hstnn-ci23c Hstnn-ci2c
Hstnn-db02 Hstnn-db03 Hstnn-db05
Hstnn-db06 Hstnn-db09 Hstnn-db0e
Hstnn-db10 Hstnn-db11 Hstnn-db13
Hstnn-db16 Hstnn-db17 Hstnn-db18
Hstnn-db1y Hstnn-db22 Hstnn-db23
Hstnn-db28 Hstnn-db29 Hstnn-db30
Hstnn-db51 Hstnn-db77 Hstnn-fb05
Hstnn-fb18 Hstnn-fb21 Hstnn-fb28
Hstnn-fb51 Hstnn-fb52 Hstnn-i03c
Hstnn-i04c Hstnn-i05c Hstnn-i12c
Hstnn-i23c Hstnn-i27c Hstnn-i32c
Hstnn-i36c Hstnn-i39c Hstnn-i40c
Hstnn-i44c Hstnn-i44c-A Hstnn-i44c-B
Hstnn-i45c Hstnn-i45c-A Hstnn-i45c-B
Hstnn-i48c-A Hstnn-i48c-B Hstnn-i49c
Hstnn-i50c-B Hstnn-i53c Hstnn-i54c
Hstnn-i64c-5 Hstnn-i65c-5 Hstnn-ib04
Hstnn-ib05 Hstnn-ib08 Hstnn-ib09
Hstnn-ib0x Hstnn-ib12 Hstnn-ib13
Hstnn-ib16 Hstnn-ib17 Hstnn-ib18
Hstnn-ib1e Hstnn-ib28 Hstnn-ib51
Hstnn-ib52 Hstnn-ib55 Hstnn-ib62
Hstnn-ib68 Hstnn-ib69 Hstnn-lb05
Hstnn-lb08 Hstnn-lb09 Hstnn-lb11
Hstnn-lb1y Hstnn-lb1z Hstnn-lb29
Hstnn-lb51 Hstnn-lb52 Hstnn-mb05
Hstnn-ob06 Hstnn-ob45 Hstnn-ob51
Hstnn-ob51t Hstnn-ob52 Hstnn-ob62
Hstnn-ob77 Hstnn-ob84 Hstnn-q05c
Hstnn-q09c Hstnn-q39c Hstnn-ub02
Hstnn-ub05 Hstnn-ub11 Hstnn-ub17
Hstnn-ub18 Hstnn-ub1y Hstnn-ub2c
Hstnn-ub68 Hstnn-ub69 Hstnn-w06c
Hstnn-w26c Hstnn-w42c Hstnn-w42c-A
Hstnn-w42c-B Hstnn-xa18 Hstnn-xb11
Hstnn-xb18 Hstnn-xb1x Hstnn-xb1y
Hstnn-xb1z Hstnn-xb28 Hstnn-xb2c
Hstnn-xb43 Hstnn-xb45 Hstnn-xb4x
Hstnn-xb51 Hstnn-xb52 Hstnn-xb62
Hstnn-xb77 Hstnn-xb84 Hstnn-yb02
Hstnn-yb1x ku530aa ku531a
ku532aa nbp4a112b1 nbp6a158
nbp6b17b1 nbp8a128b1 nbp8a128b2
nbp8a97 nk573aa p2171s
pb991a pb992a pb994
pb994a pb994et pp2170
pq457av rw556aa td09
td09093 td09093-Cl w22022lf
w22024lf w22044lb wy164aa#Abb
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Listed by Product Model No.

510 511 515
516 610 615
Business Notebook 2210b Business Notebook 2230s Business Notebook 2400 Series
Business Notebook 2510p Business Notebook 2710p Business Notebook 4200 Series
Business Notebook 6500b Business Notebook 6510b Business Notebook 6515b
Business Notebook 6520s Business Notebook 6530b Business Notebook 6530s
Business Notebook 6531s Business Notebook 6535b Business Notebook 6535s
Business Notebook 6700b Business Notebook 6710b Business Notebook 6710s
Business Notebook 6715b Business Notebook 6715s Business Notebook 6720
Business Notebook 6720s Business Notebook 6720s/Ct Business Notebook 6720t
Business Notebook 6730b Business Notebook 6730s Business Notebook 6730s/Ct
Business Notebook 6735b Business Notebook 6735s Business Notebook 6736b
Business Notebook 6820s Business Notebook 6830s Business Notebook 6910p
Business Notebook 7400 Business Notebook 8200 Business Notebook 8400
Business Notebook 8510p Business Notebook 8510w Business Notebook 8710p
Business Notebook 8710w Business Notebook 9400 Business Notebook nc2400
Business Notebook nc2410 Business Notebook nc4000 Business Notebook nc4010
Business Notebook nc4200 Series Business Notebook nc4400 Business Notebook nc6000
Business Notebook nc6100 Business Notebook nc6105 Business Notebook nc6105 Series
Business Notebook nc6110 Business Notebook nc6115 Business Notebook nc6120
Business Notebook nc6140 Business Notebook nc6200 Business Notebook nc6220
Business Notebook nc6230 Business Notebook nc6300 Business Notebook nc6320
Business Notebook nc6400 Business Notebook nc8000 Business Notebook nc8200
Business Notebook nc8220 Business Notebook nc8230 Business Notebook nc8430
Business Notebook nw8000 Business Notebook nw8200 Business Notebook nw8240
Business Notebook nw8440 Business Notebook nw9440 Business Notebook nx4300
Business Notebook nx4800 Business Notebook nx5000 Business Notebook nx5100
Business Notebook nx6100 Business Notebook nx6105 Business Notebook nx6110
Business Notebook nx6110/Ct Business Notebook nx6115 Business Notebook nx6120
Business Notebook nx6125 Business Notebook nx6130 Business Notebook nx6140
Business Notebook nx6300 Business Notebook nx6310 Business Notebook nx6310/Ct
Business Notebook nx6315 Business Notebook nx6320 Business Notebook nx6320/Ct
Business Notebook nx6325 Business Notebook nx6330 Business Notebook nx7100
Business Notebook nx7200 Business Notebook nx7300 Business Notebook nx7400
Business Notebook nx8120 Business Notebook nx8200 Business Notebook nx8220
Business Notebook nx8230 Business Notebook nx8400 Business Notebook nx8410
Business Notebook nx8420 Business Notebook nx9100 Business Notebook nx9105
Business Notebook nx9110 Business Notebook nx9400 Business Notebook nx9420
Business Notebook tc4200 Business Notebook tc4400 Elitebook 6930p
Presario cq40 Presario cq40-100 Presario cq40-200
Presario cq40-300 Presario cq40-400 Presario cq40-401au
Presario cq40-500 Presario cq40-600 Presario cq40-700
Presario cq41 Presario cq41-100 Presario cq41-200
Presario cq41-206tu Presario cq41-208au Presario cq41-209tx
Presario cq41-214tx Presario cq41-216tu Presario cq41-217au
Presario cq41-219ax Presario cq45 Presario cq45-100
Presario cq45-106au Presario cq45-112au Presario cq45-137tx
Presario cq45-200 Presario cq45-207tu Presario cq45-300
Presario cq45-304tu Presario cq45-400 Presario cq50
Presario cq50-100 Presario cq50-110us Presario cq50-139wm
Presario cq50-200 Presario cq50t-100 Presario cq50z
Presario cq50z-100 Presario cq60 Presario cq60-100
Presario cq60-200 Presario cq60-300 Presario cq60-400
Presario cq60-500 Presario cq60-600 Presario cq60z-200
Presario cq61 Presario cq61-100 Presario cq61-125tu
Presario cq61-200 Presario cq61-300 Presario cq61-319wm
Presario cq61-400 Presario cq61-420us Presario cq61z-400
Presario cq70 Presario cq70-100 Presario cq70-118ca
Presario cq70-120us Presario cq70-200 Presario cq71
Presario cq71-100 Presario cq71-200 Presario cq71-210sa
Presario cq71-230sa Presario cq71-235sa Presario cq71-300
Presario cq71-314sa Presario cq71-400
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Battery Tips

  1. Do not throw the hp compaq battery into the fire, as this could cause the explosion of the battery.
  2. Do not setting your battery pack in the high humidity, high temperature, strong vibrative and dusty place.
  3. Do not dispose of battery used with other solid waste because they contain toxic substances.
  4. Do not heat the battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electronic substance.
  5. Do not disassemble the hp compaq battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance.
  6. Do not left the battery unused for a long time or place battery in device for a long period of time if device is not being used.
  7. Do not expose the hp compaq battery to direct sunlight or shock the battery pack by dropping or throwing it.
  8. Do not store or use the battery in a locked and unventilated vehicle, where excessive internal temperatures may occur.
  9. Do not short-circuit the battery, either inadvertently or intentionally bringing the terminals into contact with another metal object such as necklaces or hairpins, this could cause a fire and damage the battery.
  10. If the liquid inside the battery leaks, use large quantities of water immediately to wash any liquid with a synthetic detergent.
  11. Keep the battery away from heat or fire, if you detect the issuance of an extraordinary odor or leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance, please dispose used hp compaq batteries in accordance with the regulations that apply to the disposal of batteries.
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