Listed by Laptop Model No.

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Satellite u940-10c Satellite u940-10f Satellite u940-10m
Satellite u940-10n Satellite u940-10p Satellite u940-10u
Satellite u940-112 Satellite u940-117 Satellite u940-11f
Satellite u940-11n Satellite u940-11u Satellite u940-sp4301gl
Satellite u940-sp4362sm Satellite u945 Satellite u945-s4110
Satellite u945-s4130 Satellite u945-s4140 Satellite u945-s4380
Satellite u945-s4390 Satellite u945-st4n02 Satellite u945d
Satellite u955 Satellite w35click-a3300 Satellite w35dt
Satellite x200 Satellite x200-15k Satellite x200-203
Satellite x200-20c Satellite x200-20f Satellite x200-20g
Satellite x200-20j Satellite x200-20o Satellite x200-20s
Satellite x200-213 Satellite x200-214 Satellite x200-219
Satellite x200-21d Satellite x200-21e Satellite x200-21f
Satellite x200-21l Satellite x200-21p Satellite x200-21u
Satellite x200-21v Satellite x200-21w Satellite x200-21x
Satellite x200-21y Satellite x200-23a Satellite x200-23w
Satellite x200-24v Satellite x200-25h Satellite x200-25i
Satellite x205 Satellite x205-s7483 Satellite x205-s9349
Satellite x205-s9359 Satellite x205-s9800 Satellite x205-s9810
Satellite x205-sli1 Satellite x205-sli2 Satellite x205-sli3
Satellite x205-sli4 Satellite x205-sli5 Satellite x205-sli6
Tecra 9000 Tecra 9100 Tecra a1
Tecra a10 Tecra a10 Series Tecra a10-00q
Tecra a10-00r Tecra a10-00s Tecra a10-104
Tecra a10-105 Tecra a10-10c Tecra a10-10k
Tecra a10-10p Tecra a10-112 Tecra a10-11j
Tecra a10-11k Tecra a10-11m Tecra a10-11t
Tecra a10-12l Tecra a10-12m Tecra a10-12n
Tecra a10-12o Tecra a10-13f Tecra a10-13g
Tecra a10-13i Tecra a10-13j Tecra a10-13k
Tecra a10-13q Tecra a10-14i Tecra a10-14m
Tecra a10-14p Tecra a10-156 Tecra a10-15u
Tecra a10-16d Tecra a10-16e Tecra a10-18z
Tecra a10-190 Tecra a10-19p Tecra a10-1c5
Tecra a10-1hm Tecra a10-1hn Tecra a10-1hp
Tecra a10-1hq Tecra a10-1lp Tecra a10-s350
Tecra a10-s3501 Tecra a10-s3505 Tecra a10-s3511
Tecra a10-s3551 Tecra a10-s3552 Tecra a10-s3553
Tecra a10-sp5801 Tecra a10-sp5801a Tecra a10-sp5801c
Tecra a10-sp5802 Tecra a10-sp5802a Tecra a10-sp5802c
Tecra a10-sp5903a Tecra a10-sp5903c Tecra a10-sp5903r
Tecra a10-sp5908 Tecra a10-sp5909 Tecra a10-sp5920a
Tecra a10-sp5920c Tecra a10-sp5920r Tecra a10-st9010
Tecra a10-st9017 Tecra a11 Tecra a11-001
Tecra a11-00n Tecra a11-00p Tecra a11-00q
Tecra a11-07g Tecra a11-07h Tecra a11-07j
Tecra a11-103 Tecra a11-105 Tecra a11-10d
Tecra a11-10e Tecra a11-110 Tecra a11-113
Tecra a11-114 Tecra a11-11e Tecra a11-11g
Tecra a11-11h Tecra a11-11j Tecra a11-11l
Tecra a11-11n Tecra a11-11q Tecra a11-11z
Tecra a11-125 Tecra a11-126 Tecra a11-127
Tecra a11-128 Tecra a11-12c Tecra a11-12f
Tecra a11-12h Tecra a11-12p Tecra a11-12q
Tecra a11-12w Tecra a11-14j Tecra a11-14k
Tecra a11-14l Tecra a11-152 Tecra a11-153
Tecra a11-15p Tecra a11-16r Tecra a11-16v
Tecra a11-16w Tecra a11-16x Tecra a11-16z
Tecra a11-17g Tecra a11-17h Tecra a11-17m
Tecra a11-17n Tecra a11-182 Tecra a11-186
Tecra a11-18n Tecra a11-196 Tecra a11-197
Tecra a11-19e Tecra a11-19l Tecra a11-19m
Tecra a11-19n Tecra a11-19p Tecra a11-1d1
Tecra a11-1d4 Tecra a11-1e5 Tecra a11-1ee
Tecra a11-1eg Tecra a11-1eh Tecra a11-1et
Tecra a11-1ev Tecra a11-1ew Tecra a11-1f4
Tecra a11-1fp Tecra a11-1fr Tecra a11-1fw
Tecra a11-1hz Tecra a11-1jl Tecra a11-1jw
Tecra a11-1jz Tecra a11-ev1 Tecra a11-s3510
Tecra a11-s3511 Tecra a11-s3512 Tecra a11-s3520
Tecra a11-s3521 Tecra a11-s3522 Tecra a11-s3530
Tecra a11-s3531 Tecra a11-s3532 Tecra a11-s3540
Tecra a11-s3541 Tecra a11-sp5001l Tecra a11-sp5001m
Tecra a11-sp5002l Tecra a11-sp5002m Tecra a11-sp5003l
Tecra a11-sp5003m Tecra a11-sp5010l Tecra a11-sp5010m
Tecra a11-sp5011l Tecra a11-sp5011m Tecra a11-sp5012
Tecra a11-sp5013 Tecra a11-st3500 Tecra a11-st3501
Tecra a11-st3502 Tecra a11-st3503 Tecra a11-st3504
Tecra a11-w3540 Tecra a2 Tecra a2 Series
Tecra a2-104 Tecra a2-108 Tecra a2-502
Tecra a2-s119 Tecra a2-s139 Tecra a2-s20st
Tecra a2-s219 Tecra a2-s239 Tecra a2-s316
Tecra a2-s336 Tecra a2-s4362 Tecra a2-s4372st
Tecra a2-s4372t Tecra a3 Tecra a3 Series
Tecra a3-100 Tecra a3-103 Tecra a3-106
Tecra a3-114 Tecra a3-141 Tecra a3-143
Tecra a3-180 Tecra a3-181 Tecra a3-188
Tecra a3-s611 Tecra a3-s631 Tecra a3-s711
Tecra a3-s731 Tecra a3-sp611 Tecra a3-sp631
Tecra a3x Tecra a3x Series Tecra a3x-102
Tecra a3x-165 Tecra a3x-166 Tecra a3x-167
Tecra a4 Tecra a4 Series Tecra a4-108
Tecra a4-109 Tecra a4-158 Tecra a4-161
Tecra a4-164 Tecra a4-171 Tecra a4-196
Tecra a4-212 Tecra a4-244 Tecra a4-257
Tecra a4-s111td Tecra a4-s211 Tecra a4-s216
Tecra a4-s231 Tecra a4-s236 Tecra a4-s312td
Tecra a4-s313 Tecra a4-sp211 Tecra a4-sp619
Tecra a5 Tecra a5 Series Tecra a5-100
Tecra a5-122 Tecra a5-138 Tecra a5-155
Tecra a5-40 Tecra a5-60 Tecra a5-80
Tecra a5-s116 Tecra a5-s118 Tecra a5-s136
Tecra a5-s237 Tecra a5-s239 Tecra a5-s2391
Tecra a5-s2392 Tecra a5-s2393 Tecra a5-s329
Tecra a5-s3291 Tecra a5-s3292 Tecra a5-s3293
Tecra a5-s416 Tecra a5-s516 Tecra a5-s6215td
Tecra a5-sp559 Tecra a50 Tecra a50-A-034
Tecra a50-A-04g Tecra a50-A-12z Tecra a6
Tecra a6 (pta60u) Tecra a6 (pta61u) Tecra a6 Series
Tecra a6-104 Tecra a6-ez6311 Tecra a6-ez6312
Tecra a6-ez6313 Tecra a6-ez6314 Tecra a6-ez6411
Tecra a6-s513 Tecra a6-s6315 Tecra a6-s713
Tecra a6-sp561 Tecra a6-st3112 Tecra a6-st3512
Tecra a6-st6315 Tecra a7 Tecra a7 Series
Tecra a7-s612 Tecra a7-s712 Tecra a7-sp2012
Tecra a7-st5112 Tecra a7-st7711 Tecra a7-st7712
Tecra a8 Tecra a8-ez8311 Tecra a8-ez8312
Tecra a8-ez8313 Tecra a8-ez8411 Tecra a8-ez8412
Tecra a8-ez8413 Tecra a8-ez8511 Tecra a8-ez8511x
Tecra a8-ez8512 Tecra a8-ez8512x Tecra a8-s8314
Tecra a8-s8414 Tecra a8-s8415 Tecra a8-s8513
Tecra a8-s8514 Tecra a8-sp4022 Tecra a8-st3612
Tecra a9 Tecra a9 Series Tecra a9-102
Tecra a9-10m Tecra a9-11i Tecra a9-11k
Tecra a9-11m Tecra a9-127 Tecra a9-12g
Tecra a9-12h Tecra a9-13p Tecra a9-150
Tecra a9-151 Tecra a9-153 Tecra a9-16h
Tecra a9-16i Tecra a9-50n Tecra a9-50q
Tecra a9-50x Tecra a9-51b Tecra a9-51e
Tecra a9-51f Tecra a9-51g Tecra a9-51h
Tecra a9-51s Tecra a9-51u Tecra a9-51v
Tecra a9-s9012x Tecra a9-s9013 Tecra a9-s9013x
Tecra a9-s9014 Tecra a9-s9015x Tecra a9-s9016x
Tecra a9-s9017 Tecra a9-s9018v Tecra a9-s9018v Tecra a9-s9020v
Tecra a9-s9018x Tecra a9-s9019v Tecra a9-s9019x
Tecra a9-s9020v Tecra a9-s9020x Tecra a9-s9021v
Tecra a9-sp6804 Tecra a9-st9001 Tecra a9-st9001 Series
Tecra a9-st9002 Tecra l2 Tecra l2-s011
Tecra m10 Tecra m10 Series Tecra m10-105
Tecra m10-10h Tecra m10-10i Tecra m10-10o
Tecra m10-10q Tecra m10-10r Tecra m10-10s
Tecra m10-10t Tecra m10-10u Tecra m10-10w
Tecra m10-11v Tecra m10-11x Tecra m10-12e
Tecra m10-12m Tecra m10-13s Tecra m10-143
Tecra m10-14s Tecra m10-15a Tecra m10-15b
Tecra m10-17h Tecra m10-18m Tecra m10-196
Tecra m10-19v Tecra m10-1cd Tecra m10-1ce
Tecra m10-1cn Tecra m10-1cr Tecra m10-1dg
Tecra m10-1en Tecra m10-1h3 Tecra m10-1h4
Tecra m10-1h5 Tecra m10-1h6 Tecra m10-1jx
Tecra m10-1k1 Tecra m10-1kd Tecra m10-1l9
Tecra m10-s1001 Tecra m10-s3401 Tecra m10-s3411
Tecra m10-s3412 Tecra m10-s3451 Tecra m10-s3452
Tecra m10-s3453 Tecra m10-s3454 Tecra m10-sp2901c
Tecra m10-sp2901r Tecra m10-st9110 Tecra m10-st9117
Tecra m11 Tecra m11-003 Tecra m11-01j
Tecra m11-01k Tecra m11-01l Tecra m11-01p
Tecra m11-035 Tecra m11-036 Tecra m11-037
Tecra m11-047 Tecra m11-049 Tecra m11-04k
Tecra m11-104 Tecra m11-107 Tecra m11-119
Tecra m11-11j Tecra m11-11k Tecra m11-11l
Tecra m11-11m Tecra m11-120 Tecra m11-121
Tecra m11-12p Tecra m11-130 Tecra m11-132
Tecra m11-135 Tecra m11-148 Tecra m11-14j
Tecra m11-14l Tecra m11-15m Tecra m11-15u
Tecra m11-15w Tecra m11-15x Tecra m11-16r
Tecra m11-174 Tecra m11-17m Tecra m11-17u
Tecra m11-17v Tecra m11-17w Tecra m11-17z
Tecra m11-Oracle Tecra m11-s3410 Tecra m11-s3411
Tecra m11-s3412 Tecra m11-s3420 Tecra m11-s3421
Tecra m11-s3422 Tecra m11-s3430 Tecra m11-s3440
Tecra m11-s3450 Tecra m11-sp4002l Tecra m11-sp4002m
Tecra m11-sp4011l Tecra m11-sp4011m Tecra m11-sp4012
Tecra m11-sp4013l Tecra m11-st3501 Tecra m11-st3502
Tecra m11-st3503 Tecra m11-st3504 Tecra m11-st3510
Tecra m11-w3421 Tecra m11s-us1 Tecra m2
Tecra m2 Series Tecra m2-s319 Tecra m2-s339
Tecra m2-s410 Tecra m2-s430 Tecra m2-s519
Tecra m2-s530 Tecra m2-s539 Tecra m2-s5392
Tecra m2-s630 Tecra m2-s730 Tecra m2-s7302st
Tecra m2v Tecra m2v Series Tecra m2v-s310
Tecra m2v-s330 Tecra m2v-s3302 Tecra m2v-s3302st
Tecra m3 Tecra m3 Series Tecra m3-116
Tecra m3-117 Tecra m3-177 Tecra m3-272
Tecra m3-s212td Tecra m3-s311 Tecra m3-s316
Tecra m3-s331 Tecra m3-s336 Tecra m3-s636
Tecra m3-s737td Tecra m3-sp719 Tecra m3-Vacf
Tecra m5 Tecra m5-100 Tecra m5-101
Tecra m5-102 Tecra m5-103 Tecra m5-104
Tecra m5-10k Tecra m5-10q Tecra m5-118
Tecra m5-119 Tecra m5-120 Tecra m5-121
Tecra m5-122 Tecra m5-127 Tecra m5-128
Tecra m5-129 Tecra m5-132 Tecra m5-133
Tecra m5-135 Tecra m5-143 Tecra m5-208
Tecra m5-210 Tecra m5-211 Tecra m5-292
Tecra m5-382 Tecra m5-383 Tecra m5-384
Tecra m5-386 Tecra m5-387 Tecra m5-388
Tecra m5-389 Tecra m5-390 Tecra m5-40
Tecra m5-403 Tecra m5-415 Tecra m5-417
Tecra m5-60 Tecra m5-80 Tecra m5-s433
Tecra m5-s4331 Tecra m5-s4332 Tecra m5-s4333
Tecra m5-s5131 Tecra m5-s5231 Tecra m5-s5232
Tecra m5-s5331 Tecra m5-s5332 Tecra m5-sp271
Tecra m5-sp721 Tecra m5-st1412 Tecra m5-st5011
Tecra m5-st5012 Tecra m5-st8112 Tecra m5l
Tecra m5l Series Tecra m6 Tecra m6 Series
Tecra m6-ez6611 Tecra m6-ez6612 Tecra m6-ez6711
Tecra m6-st3412 Tecra m7 Series Tecra m7-102
Tecra m7-114 Tecra m7-115 Tecra m7-116
Tecra m7-117 Tecra m7-121 Tecra m7-125
Tecra m7-132 Tecra m7-138 Tecra m7-139
Tecra m7-141 Tecra m700 Series Tecra m8
Tecra m8-s8011 Tecra m8-s8011x Tecra m8-st3093
Tecra m8-st3094 Tecra m9 Tecra m9 Series
Tecra m9-101 Tecra m9-104 Tecra m9-12c
Tecra m9-12k Tecra m9-12l Tecra m9-12r
Tecra m9-12s Tecra m9-12t Tecra m9-12x
Tecra m9-136 Tecra m9-139 Tecra m9-13a
Tecra m9-147 Tecra m9-149 Tecra m9-14b
Tecra m9-14c Tecra m9-14f Tecra m9-14y
Tecra m9-156 Tecra m9-15h Tecra m9-15i
Tecra m9-15k Tecra m9-15r Tecra m9-15s
Tecra m9-15t Tecra m9-169 Tecra m9-16f
Tecra m9-16h Tecra m9-16n Tecra m9-185
Tecra m9-196 Tecra m9-19t Tecra m9-1ar
Tecra m9-1b7 Tecra m9-1b8 Tecra m9-3g15k
Tecra m9-s5512x Tecra m9-s5513 Tecra m9-s5513x
Tecra m9-s5514 Tecra m9-s5514 Series Tecra m9-s5514x
Tecra m9-s5515 Tecra m9-s5515x Tecra m9-s5516v
Tecra m9-s5516x Tecra m9-s5517v Tecra m9-s5517x
Tecra m9-s5518v Tecra m9-s5518x Tecra m9-st5511
Tecra m9-st5511 Series Tecra m9-st5511x Tecra m9-st5512
Tecra m9l Tecra m9l-101 Tecra m9l-12c
Tecra m9l-12k Tecra m9l-12t Tecra p10
Tecra p5 Tecra r10 Tecra r10-00d
Tecra r10-10i Tecra r10-10j Tecra r10-10k
Tecra r10-10v Tecra r10-111 Tecra r10-112
Tecra r10-114 Tecra r10-11b Tecra r10-11j
Tecra r10-es1 Tecra r10-s4401 Tecra r10-s4402
Tecra r10-s4411 Tecra r10-s4421 Tecra r10-s4422
Tecra r700 Tecra r700-006 Tecra r700-007
Tecra r700-00c Tecra r700-00e Tecra r700-00f
Tecra r700-00g Tecra r700-00h Tecra r700-00j
Tecra r700-00k Tecra r700-00l Tecra r840
Tecra r840 pt429a-006004 Tecra r840 pt429a-00l004 Tecra r840-002
Tecra r840-003 Tecra r840-008 Tecra r840-009
Tecra r840-00g Tecra r840-00k Tecra r840-00l
Tecra r840-00u Tecra r840-00v Tecra r840-012
Tecra r840-017 Tecra r840-01j Tecra r840-020
Tecra r840-021 Tecra r840-02x Tecra r840-04h
Tecra r840-10n Tecra r840-10q Tecra r840-10z
Tecra r840-11e Tecra r840-12f Tecra r840-13m
Tecra r840-14h Tecra r840-15j Tecra r840-17q
Tecra r840-17r Tecra r840-198 Tecra r840-199
Tecra r840-s8410 Tecra r840-s8411 Tecra r840-s8412
Tecra r840-s8420 Tecra r840-s8422 Tecra r840-s8430
Tecra r840-s8440 Tecra r840-s8450 Tecra r840-st8400
Tecra r840-st8401 Tecra r840-st8402 Tecra r850
Tecra r850 pt520a Tecra r850 pt520a-007003 Tecra r850 pt520a-01s003
Tecra r850 pt520a-01t003 Tecra r850 pt525a Tecra r850 pt525a-003019
Tecra r850 pt525a-004019 Tecra r850 pt525a-005019 Tecra r850 pt525a-008019
Tecra r850-003 Tecra r850-00g Tecra r850-00h
Tecra r850-00j Tecra r850-00l Tecra r850-00p
Tecra r850-00q Tecra r850-00r Tecra r850-00u
Tecra r850-015 Tecra r850-017 Tecra r850-01d
Tecra r850-01f Tecra r850-01q Tecra r850-01r
Tecra r850-021 Tecra r850-02y Tecra r850-030
Tecra r850-034 Tecra r850-05e Tecra r850-05f
Tecra r850-06p Tecra r850-074 Tecra r850-08w
Tecra r850-10d Tecra r850-10r Tecra r850-10w
Tecra r850-117 Tecra r850-119 Tecra r850-11d
Tecra r850-11p Tecra r850-12f Tecra r850-140
Tecra r850-14k Tecra r850-14l Tecra r850-14p
Tecra r850-14q Tecra r850-14r Tecra r850-173
Tecra r850-175 Tecra r850-18f Tecra r850-19j
Tecra r850-1c3 Tecra r850-1cd Tecra r850-1ch
Tecra r850-1dd Tecra r850-1gk Tecra r850-1jc
Tecra r850-1jd Tecra r850-1rc Tecra r850-pt520a
Tecra r850-s8510 Tecra r850-s8511 Tecra r850-s8512
Tecra r850-s8520 Tecra r850-s8522 Tecra r850-s8530
Tecra r850-s8540 Tecra r850-s8550 Tecra r850-s8552
Tecra r850-sp5135l Tecra r850-sp5160 Tecra r850-sp5160m
Tecra r850-sp5161m Tecra r850-sp5162m Tecra r850-sp5171m
Tecra r850-sp5172m Tecra r850-sp5175m Tecra r850-st8500
Tecra r850-st8501 Tecra r940 Tecra r940 pt439a-00n003
Tecra r940 pt439a-00r003 Tecra r940-006 Tecra r940-008
Tecra r940-009 Tecra r940-00k Tecra r940-00l
Tecra r940-015 Tecra r940-1cv Tecra r940-1cw
Tecra r940-1d6 Tecra r940-1dc Tecra r940-s9420
Tecra r940-s9430 Tecra r940-s9440 Tecra r940-smbgx1
Tecra r940-st2n01 Tecra r950 Tecra r950 pt530a-008001
Tecra r950 pt530a-00802u Tecra r950 pt530a-00j001 Tecra r950 pt530a-00j02u
Tecra r950 pt530a-00s001 Tecra r950 pt535a-007008 Tecra r950 pt535a-007023
Tecra r950 pt535a-00m008 Tecra r950 Series Tecra r950-006
Tecra r950-00f Tecra r950-00g Tecra r950-00h
Tecra r950-00l Tecra r950-00m Tecra r950-00n
Tecra r950-02e Tecra r950-02t Tecra r950-02u
Tecra r950-02v Tecra r950-036 Tecra r950-037-1
Tecra r950-037-2 Tecra r950-038 Tecra r950-106
Tecra r950-10u Tecra r950-10v Tecra r950-11e
Tecra r950-122 Tecra r950-123 Tecra r950-12q
Tecra r950-153 Tecra r950-155 Tecra r950-18k
Tecra r950-192 Tecra r950-s9520 Tecra r950-s9530
Tecra r950-s9540 Tecra r950-smbgx1 Tecra r950-smbgx2
Tecra r950-smbnx1 Tecra r950-st2n01 Tecra s10
Tecra s10-00x Tecra s10-08g Tecra s10-0hq
Tecra s10-0jx Tecra s10-0k0 Tecra s10-0k1
Tecra s10-0k7 Tecra s10-0k8 Tecra s10-0sm
Tecra s10-0sn Tecra s10-0sq Tecra s10-0ss
Tecra s10-0v5 Tecra s10-0v6 Tecra s10-109
Tecra s10-10a Tecra s10-11g Tecra s10-11h
Tecra s10-11i Tecra s10-11j Tecra s10-mn2
Tecra s10-mn4 Tecra s10-mn5 Tecra s10-mn7
Tecra s11 Tecra s11 11d Tecra s11-00y
Tecra s11-010 Tecra s11-011 Tecra s11-013
Tecra s11-014 Tecra s11-0cn Tecra s11-0cn002
Tecra s11-0cp Tecra s11-0cq Tecra s11-0cr
Tecra s11-0cs Tecra s11-104 Tecra s11-10f
Tecra s11-113 Tecra s11-114 Tecra s11-119
Tecra s11-11f Tecra s11-11g Tecra s11-11h
Tecra s11-11p Tecra s11-124 Tecra s11-126
Tecra s11-128 Tecra s11-129 Tecra s11-12n
Tecra s11-12w Tecra s11-13m Tecra s11-14m
Tecra s11-14n Tecra s11-14p Tecra s11-14r
Tecra s11-14t Tecra s11-14u Tecra s11-154
Tecra s11-15g Tecra s11-15h Tecra s11-15k
Tecra s11-15m Tecra s11-15t Tecra s11-160
Tecra s11-166 Tecra s11-167 Tecra s11-168
Tecra s11-16p Tecra s11-172 Tecra s11-173
Tecra s2 Tecra s2 Series Tecra s2-100
Tecra s2-107 Tecra s2-128 Tecra s2-131
Tecra s2-155 Tecra s2-159 Tecra s2-175
Tecra s2-179 Tecra s2-40 Tecra s2-60
Tecra s2-80 Tecra s2-s511td Tecra s3
Tecra s3 Series Tecra s3-120 Tecra s3-129
Tecra s3-130 Tecra s3-140 Tecra s3-141
Tecra s3-142 Tecra s3-161 Tecra s3-208
Tecra s3-223 Tecra s3-242 Tecra s3-366
Tecra s3-s411td Tecra s4 Tecra s4 Series
Tecra s4-105 Tecra s4-10m Tecra s4-10n
Tecra s4-120 Tecra s4-126 Tecra s4-127
Tecra s4-132 Tecra s4-133 Tecra s5
Tecra s5 Series Tecra s5-10x Tecra s5-11k
Tecra s5-11s Tecra w50 Series Tecra w50-079
Tecra w50-A Series Tecra w50-A-104 Series Tecra z40-A
Tecra z40-ak01m Tecra z40-ak03m Tecra z40-ak05m
Tecra z40-ak06m Tecra z40-B Tecra z40-B k12m
Tecra z40-B k24m Tecra z40a Tecra z50-A
Tecra z50-A-004 Tecra z50-A-005 Tecra z50-A-02s
Tecra z50-A-05y Bundle Tecra z50-A-07q Bundle Tecra z50-A-0du
Tecra z50-A-0du Bundle Tecra z50-A-11h Tecra z50-B
Tellite c50-asmbnx1 Thrive 7 w10-A
wt10-A-102 wt310 Tablet Pc wt310/C Tablet Pc
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Battery Tips

  1. Do not throw the toshiba battery into the fire, as this could cause the explosion of the battery.
  2. Do not setting your battery pack in the high humidity, high temperature, strong vibrative and dusty place.
  3. Do not dispose of battery used with other solid waste because they contain toxic substances.
  4. Do not heat the battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electronic substance.
  5. Do not disassemble the toshiba battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance.
  6. Do not left the battery unused for a long time or place battery in device for a long period of time if device is not being used.
  7. Do not expose the toshiba battery to direct sunlight or shock the battery pack by dropping or throwing it.
  8. Do not store or use the battery in a locked and unventilated vehicle, where excessive internal temperatures may occur.
  9. Do not short-circuit the battery, either inadvertently or intentionally bringing the terminals into contact with another metal object such as necklaces or hairpins, this could cause a fire and damage the battery.
  10. If the liquid inside the battery leaks, use large quantities of water immediately to wash any liquid with a synthetic detergent.
  11. Keep the battery away from heat or fire, if you detect the issuance of an extraordinary odor or leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance, please dispose used toshiba batteries in accordance with the regulations that apply to the disposal of batteries.
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